Window Art Suncatchers 

Unicorn Window Cling Suncatcher

Unicorn Window Cling Suncatcher

SET OF 4 CLINGS:  The unicorn window clings are made of 3D translucent prismatic vinyl which captures sunlight and reflects off the prism design. Enjoy the ever-changing look of the Circle Window Clings. Any source of light will make the clings glow with rainbow colors. Given the right angle of the sun through the prismatic cling, it will cast beautiful rainbow "shadows" on floors or walls.

The unicorn window decal clings adhere to your windows by static cling. No glue. No adhesives. Leaves no residue. Easily removable and reusable. Simply gently peel from the window and cling it to another window.

We have discovered that these rainbow window clings are also useful in preventing bird strikes. They break up the reflections on outdoor glass, giving the birds a visual warning that they are flying into a window. If you have a problem with birds crashing into your windows, give these decals a try. Save a bird!

Package includes:  4 unicorn window clings, plus surprise bonus shapes, instructions included. You will receive two different unicorns, each mirrored to face each other. Total of 4 unicorn window clings.

Size: 6 wide by 5 high, approximately

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