Window Art Suncatchers 

Blue Jay Bird

Blue Jay Window Cling Suncatcher

The Blue Jay faux stained glass window cling is hand painted with transparent blue and white colors. The Blue Jay window cling measures about 3.5 inches wide and 6 inches high.

Window clings will "cling" to your window or any non-porous surface without glue or tape. Removable and reusable. Leaves no residue. Use indoors only.

The paint used for the hand-painted window cling is a transparent paint, showing the beautiful, transparent glass effect of real stained glass, but at a fraction of the price. Please see the photos for an example of the transparency effect. Of course, the photos do not do justice to the real-life beauty of the window clings. When the sun shines through the window cling, it will cast a mirror image, moving with the sun.

The window cling is easily removed from the window by gently peeling the cling from the window. This is where a fingernail comes in handy to get the peeling started! Once the window cling is removed, simply store in the original package, wax paper, or move to a new location. It is not recommended to store in a plastic bag. Moisture is not your friend in this case. Be sure to keep the window cling dry.

You can stick the window cling on windows, tiles, glass canisters, mirrors, or anything non-porous. It will not stick to a wall, but you can stick it on a glass or acrylic picture frame and display it that way.

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