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PARK N PLACE Park'N Place(TM) assists in the perfect park job every time! Prevents dents and scratches from hitting garage walls or other objects. Portable base utilizes flexible rod with red light on top that flashes when contact is made with car bumper. Perfect for hard to judge oversized SUVs and utility trucks. Requires two batteries, included. Fiberglass, 12 x 12 x 51''. 
POPS A DENT Simonize (TM) Pops-A-Dent (TM) repair kit quickly repairs dings and dents on autos. Simply stick, twist, and the ding is gone! Save time and money. It's the one professionals use. No sticky, messy residue. 
CAR SEAT TOWEL Car seat towel protects against water, sweat, dirt, sunscreen and debris from ruining your seat. No worries after workouts, hiking, beach trips - even bring the pets! Easy to clean. Features strong hemmed borders, reinforced collar, and design contoured to fit seat. Cotton terry, 271??4 x 58??. 
WIRELESS BACKUP WARNING Wireless back-up warning needs no installation! Alerts family when you're driving in reverse. Take the worry out of backing up, especially in trucks, minivans and SUVs. Easy installation, no tools needed. Just stick on reverse light, which automatically activates loud beeping alarm when in reverse. ABS plastic, 1 1/2x 1 x 3/4''. 
GAS GRIPPER Gas Gripper let's you go hands-free while pumping and stores easily inside your gas-tank door. Clip the gripper in place around the gas lever and release your grip giving those tired driving hands a rest. The pump's built-in automatic shut off is unaffected by the gripper, made of safe, static-resistant plastic. Set of two. 
CAR REFLECTIVE SEAT SHADE Car reflective seat shade reflects the sun's heat to keep your seat and metal bucket cool. Never sit on a hot seat again! Simply drape over the headrest and place over seat after parking your car. Fold and tuck under seat or in glove compartment when not in use. Metalized polyethylene, 54 x 26''. 
BUMPER REPAIR KIT Bumper repair kit gets you a new car for next to nothing. Use the 7 intermixable color compounds to perfectly match your bumper. In just 20 minutes the damage is gone without having to pay a fortune to the body shop. Use the included grain paper pack to match the specific texture of your car. Includes: epoxy ribbon, repair compound, liquid finish and grain paper pack. 
GPS NAV-MAT Nav-Mat (TM) holds your GPS device in place and in view without using suction cups. Combining the physics of weight distribution with a high-tech anti-skid material, the Nav-Mat contours to the uneven shape of any dashboard and can be moved easily from vehicle to vehicle. Portable and easily stowable. 
CAR CADDIE Car Caddie (TM) helps you get in and out of the car with ease. Durable nylon strap with handle installs (and removes) in seconds on any framed vehicle window. Features adjustable handle height with rubber cushion for comfortable grip. Great for those with back or neck ailments, limited mobility or just for those who want added support. Nylon and plastic, 8 x 5''. 
BLIND SPOT MIRROR Blind spot mirrors for your car allow you to see more than ever before while driving. Simply adhere the set of two mirrors to your rear view mirrors to see a wider field of view, eliminate dangerous blind spots and prevent accidents. Ideal for cars, SUVs, trucks, and RVs. Safety first when it comes to family. Plastic, glass. 
HANDI BAR VEHICLE SUPPORT Handybar; vehicle support helps you get in or out of the car, safely and securely. Simply insert bar into the steel U-shaped slot on your car's doorframe, then push down on handle to help lift yourself out or lower yourself into the car. Features comfortable, non-slip handle for a secure grip. Great for the elderly or people with injuries. Metal with safety grip, 11 x 2.'' 
WINDSHIELD WONDER Windshield Wonder; takes the hassle out of cleaning your windshield. Microfiber cloth effortlessly cleans windows using only water. Unique design features 16'' handle with pivoting, curved head to conform to any windshield. Easily reach those impossible corners! No straining or climbing over consoles and gearshifts. Plastic and microfiber, 17 x 6 x 2''. 
DEAD BATTERY STARTER never have to leave car! Plug Car Battery Booster into your cigarette lighter, wait 15 to 20 minutes then start your car, once car is started, keep unit plugged in for one hour, will recharge itself, it s that simple and that safe. DC outlet provides power to cellular phones, laptops, video cameras and more. 2 1/4 x 8 1/2 x2'', stores under seat, heat and cold will not affect performance. 






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