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Noise Canceling Earbuds MDRNC22-WHI


Noise Canceling Earbuds MDRNC22-WHI

No matter where you go, enjoy peace and quiet with the MDR-NC22 noise canceling headphones. These compact and comfortable bud-style headphones can reduce noise by 75% (12dB at 200 Hz), and the 13.5mm driver units produce powerful sound. Perfect for tuning out noise at work, traveling, or even when you are trying to sleep in a loud environment. The noise canceling circuit actually senses outside noise with built-in microphones and sends an equal-but-opposite canceling signal to the headphones. Additional features include an in-flight adapter, compact battery box and it even comes with a carrying pouch. MP3 & Portable Electronics iPod Accessories MDRNC22/WHI 

Condition:  New

Promotion:  No Interest, No Payment Financing

Manufacturer:  Sony

Price: $99.99  


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