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EX Earbud Headphones MDREX32LP-BLU-BSTOCK


EX Earbud Headphones MDREX32LP-BLU-BSTOCK

Sony's MDR-EX32LP earbud headphones use a silicone earbud that allows the driver to fit comfortably in your ear canal and helps prevent it from slipping out. You will appreciate the deep bass and robust sound quality for the 9mm driver units. What's more, the earbuds help block surrounding noise by creating a tighter seal around the ear canal. For the perfect fit, the EX32LP also comes with three different bud sizes, allowing them to fit comfortably in a large range of ear sizes. Available in black, blue, pink and white. MP3 & Portable Electronics Outlet Headphones Outlet MDREX32LP/BLU/BSTOCK 

Condition:  Refurbished

Promotion:  No Interest, No Payment Financing

Manufacturer:  Sony

Price: $19.99  


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