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Mini Hi-Fi Component System LBTZX9-BSTOCK Set the mood with music. The LBT-ZX9 mini hi-fi component system has what it takes to start the party and keep it going: 4 speakers, 720 total watts of power and the D-Light Sync output for lighting effects that flash optional connected stage lights to the beat. Play a variety of sources and formats, including burned CD-R/RW discs with large playlists for your event. The included remote lets you control the LBT-ZX9's multiple functions and surround sound speakers.In Japanese, Muteki means "unrivaled". With crisp, room-filling sound, head-turning design, and unique features that promise to keep the party going, there's no better way to describe the LBT-ZX9 mini component system. TV & Home Entertainment Outlet Bookshelf Systems Outlet LBTZX9/BSTOCK†Price: $489.95  

Bluetooth Transmitter & Receiver HWSBTA2W-BSTOCK Listen to your entire music library wirelessly with the HWS-BTA2W Bluetooth transmitter and receiver. Stream music instantly just by connecting this device to a compatible home audio system (requires connection via cable to audio line in). Designed for use with Bluetooth and non-Bluetooth devices, the HWS-BTA2W also has dual functions as a transmitter and a receiver. Includes AC adaptor and stand. TV & Home Entertainment Outlet Bookshelf Systems Outlet HWSBTA2W/BSTOCK†Price: $59.99  

Micro Hi-Fi Shelf System CMTLX20I-BSTOCK Delivering full-range sound from a small package, the attractive CMT-LX20i micro hi-fi shelf system lets you share your favorite music without a bulky audio system. Just plug your iPod into the integrated dock and you're ready to rock. There's also an included remote that offers full iPod menu controls. For robust sound, this compact system features a bass reflex system that adds serious punch to the bass line. What's more, it even lets you listen to CDs created and recorded on your computer in the MP3 format. TV & Home Entertainment Outlet Bookshelf Systems Outlet CMTLX20I/BSTOCK†Price: $80.99  

Muteki Hi-Fi Music System LBTZX99I-BSTOCK Unleash your music. Featuring 720 total watts (180W x 4), and a 2-way, bass reflex speaker system (8.7" woofer and 2" tweeter x 2), the head-turning LBT-ZX99i Muteki mini hi-fi system transforms your audio experience. Hook up your iPod to the dock and let your iPod tunes fill the room. Add a twist to your video game experience by mixing your gaming audio with a CD or AM/FM programming via the front A/V inputs and Game Sync Mixing. Additionally, the A/V inputs can also support your MP3 player, PC or other audio video sources. And with a built-in 5-disc changer and radio tuner, this is the only system you'll need to raise the roof. TV & Home Entertainment Outlet Bookshelf Systems Outlet LBTZX99I/BSTOCK†Price: $487.99  









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