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ES AV Receiver STRDA7100ES-B-BSTOCK Forget standing in line for the movies on a Friday evening, Sony's STR-DA7100ES/B allows you to bring the theater experience to you home with its 7 channel (170Wx7) design. Compatible with today's digital technology, the STR-DA7100ES/B comes equipped with Dual i.Link 1, ideal for high resolution digital audio players as well as12Bit 216HMz Video DAC providing outstanding Video up and Switching. Other features such as the Amplifier Relocation for Multiroom Audio provides sound to 3 Zones/3 Room Output. TV & Home Entertainment Outlet Audio Components Outlet STRDA7100ES/B/BSTOCK†Price: $1,199.95  

Floor-Standing Speakers SSF7000-BSTOCK The ultra-powerful SS-F7000 floor-standing speakers will refresh your appreciation for music. With pristine sound reproduction and high-quality drivers, these speakers bring new life to your music collection. Just as the original composer intended, the sound quality is so rich you feel like you're at a private concert. Lows, mid-ranges and high tones are recreated in high resolution audio, making even the most subtle sounds music to your ears. TV & Home Entertainment Outlet Audio Components Outlet SSF7000/BSTOCK†Price: $237.99  

Floor-Standing Speakers SSF5000-BSTOCK Fill a large room with the deep bass and pure treble of the SS-F5000 floor-standing speakers. Built to recreate tones across the entire range, these speakers elevate your music to a new high. The precision sound reproduction provides high resolution audio that you and your guests will appreciate from song to song. TV & Home Entertainment Outlet Audio Components Outlet SSF5000/BSTOCK†Price: $119.95  

Subwoofer SA-W3800 SAW3800-BSTOCK Feel the power of 250 amplified watts of pure bass. The SA-W3800 performance line subwoofer makes music come alive and elevates the movie-watching experience to theater-like levels. For cinematic effects, crank up the bass level and let the 10" mica-reinforced cellular woofer do the rest. TV & Home Entertainment Outlet Audio Components Outlet SAW3800/BSTOCK†Price: $254.99  

Compact Disc Player - CDPCE275-BSTOCK Sony's CDP-CE275 Compact Disc Player will make the perfect addition to your sound system. Featuring Play 1 - Exchange 4 capability, CD-R/RW Playback capability, and Jog Dial control with Direct Access track selection, this 5 Disc CD Changer lets you enjoy your favorite music at the touch of a button. Additional features include a 20-Track Music Calendar, 32-Step programming, Peak Search, and a Hybrid Pulse D/A converter. Listen as Sony delivers musical magic with the CDP-CE275. TV & Home Entertainment Outlet Audio Components Outlet CDPCE275/BSTOCK†Price: $29.95  

Home Theater A-V Receiver (5.1 channel) STRDG520-BSTOCK The STR-DG520 5.1 channel A/V Receiver delivers the Full HD 1080p experience to your Home Theater System. This 1080p A/V Receiver features HDMI "Pass-through" and 1080/24p capability, making it compatible with the latest HD sources (i.e. Blu-ray Disc Players, PLAYSTATION3, etc.). The STR-DG520 also features a DIGITAL MEDIA PORT (DMP) connection, expanding your flexibility to play back music from various audio sources (i.e. iPod and Walkman music players or PC) with one of the optional accessories (sold separately). TV & Home Entertainment Outlet Audio Components Outlet STRDG520/BSTOCK†Price: $159.99  

Home Theater A-V Receiver (7.1 Channel) STRDG820-BSTOCK The STR-DG820 7.1 channel A/V receiver delivers the Full HD 1080 experience to a home theater system. This new 1080p A/V Receiver features HDMI with "Active Intelligence", plus x.v.Color and 1080/24p signal capability. In addition to decoding uncompressed audio (LPCM via HDMI ), the STR-DG820 decodes the latest audio formats from Dolby Labs and DTS making this model fully compatible with Blu-ray Disc . Now, you can hear the original mix of your favorite BD titles regardless of audio format. Need more HDMI inputs The STR-DG820 features four HDMI inputs that allows for more HD content to be connected. Looking for simplicity BRAVIA Sync provides a one button operation (via HDMI ) of your entire A/V experience with a select number of BRAVIA televisions. Because no room is perfect, Sony's Digital Cinema Auto Calibration (and its supplied microphone) simplifies speaker set†Price: $299.99  

Stereo Receiver STRDH100-BSTOCK Enjoy bolder, quality sound without the fuss. The solid, 2-channel STR-DH100 stereo receiver delivers clear stereo sound for everyday music fans and rooms where a complex home theater system is not needed. With the right mix of inputs and technologies, the STR-DH100 transforms any secondary living environment into a concert hall. In addition, it also includes the Digital Media Port input that allows you to extend your music selection from an iPod, Walkman digital music player, Bluetooth device or from a PC (accessories sold separately). TV & Home Entertainment Outlet Audio Components Outlet STRDH100/BSTOCK†Price: $112.49  









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