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ES Series Blu-ray Disc Player BDPS5000ES Add more muscle to your home theater with the BDP-S5000ES Blu-ray Disc/DVD player. The BDP-S5000ES's new 14-bit HD video processor improves standard definition and high-definition picture quality with the help of HD Reality Enhancer and Super Bit Mapping technologies, enabling extraordinarily smooth and detailed picture quality. And not only does it play Blu-ray Discs in stunning, Full HD 1080p/24p, it also upscales DVDs to Full HD 1080p resolution. Fully BD-Live capable, the BDP-S5000ES even features an Ethernet connection that allows you to connect to the Internet via your existing service provider to access BD-Live features and easy firmware updates. TV & Home Entertainment Blu-ray Disc BDPS5000ES†Price: $1,499.99  

400 Disc Blu-ray-DVD-CD ES MegaChanger BDPCX7000ES Simplify your home theater with the versatile BDP-CX7000ES MegaChanger. Store, access and enjoy up to 400 of your favorite Blu-ray Disc , DVD and CD media with the same player. At its core, this Elevated Standard (ES) MegaChanger is a fully-featured Blu-ray Disc player boasting standard features such as Full HD 1080p video output, upscaling of DVDs to near HD quality through an HDMI connection, BD-Live interactive features, and HD audio support. There's also a user-friendly, on-screen interface which makes it easy to sort and search by title, genre, cast and more, to quickly find the movie, TV show or album you're looking for. TV & Home Entertainment Blu-ray Disc BDPCX7000ES†Price: $1,899.99  









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