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PC Speakers SRSDB500 Bring your computer audio to life with the SRS-DB500 PC speakers. Equipped with a pair of 75 watt speakers and 150 watt sub-woofer with bass reflex, this system delivers an immersive movie watching and gaming experience. Easily connect your portable electronics and components to this system via dual inputs. Additional features include a headphone out, supplied remote and separate control features for volume, bass and treble. PC & Portable Speakers 2.1 System SRSDB500†Price: $199.99  

PC Speakers SRSDF30 For your listening pleasure. Enhance your audio experience while matching your dcor with the SRS-DF30 2.1 speaker system. Constructed from wood for a rich sound, these elegant PC speakers provide 40 watts of total power. Easy to set up, it's a cinch to improve the audio on your notebook, desktop or MP3 player. In addition to the headphone jack for personal listening, this speaker system features a built-in AM/FM radio with large backlit LCD panel. PC & Portable Speakers 2.1 System SRSDF30†Price: $199.99  

PC Speakers SRSD25-PNK Make the most of your computing and gaming experience with the stylish SRS-D25 PC speakers. A perfect combination of style and performance, these computer speakers deliver rich, full sound in a compact design. Providing 25 watts of total system power, this 2.1 speaker system is the perfect companion to your notebook, desktop, MP3 player or compatible portable DVD player. You can even plug in your headphones for private listening. Available in pink, red, black and white. PC & Portable Speakers 2.1 System SRSD25/PNK†Price: $69.99  









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