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Muteki XROSSFADE Mini Hi-Fi System LBTDJ2I Start the party and keep it going with the LBT-DJ2i Muteki XROSSFADE mini shelf system. This lightweight, high-powered audio system allows you to mix tunes from dual iPod music players. Plus, MP3 integration gives you the versatility to play, boost, or mash your tracks. Liven things up with Beat Blend which provides pre-programmed percussion and drum loops. Showcase your DJ skills and make the most of your music set via the monitor queue which makes it simple to line up songs through your headphones and mix, change or fade into the next song without missing a beat. There's also a single-disc CD player and AM/FM tuner to keep the partygoers happy while you take five. MP3 & Portable Electronics iPod Accessories LBTDJ2I†Price: $499.99  

Muteki Hi-Fi Music System LBTZX66I Raise the roof with the LBT-ZX66i Muteki hi-fi music system. It combines a bold, aggressive style with high-powered performance. Boasting 560 watts of total power and pushing dual 6.75" woofers, it's easy to bump the rich, deep sounds your music intended. Plus, with the built-in iPod dock you can play and charge your iPod. The front A/V inputs with Game Sync Mixing puts a crazy spin on your gaming experience. Additionally, the inputs support your MP3 player, PC or other sources for an added dimension to any listening or viewing scenario. Add in a 5-disc changer, radio tuner and remote control and this is the only system you'll ever need. MP3 & Portable Electronics iPod Accessories LBTZX66I†Price: $449.99  









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