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10 Watt & 20 Watt Dual Video Light HVL20DW2 The HVL-20DW2 double-decker camcorder light shines either 10 watts or 20 watts of light on the scene to help you capture footage in nearly any condition. Cameras & Camcorders Handycam Camcorders HVL20DW2†Price: $119.99  

Infrared Light HVLIRM Extend the range of your Nightshot system by shooting with the HVL-IRM infrared light. It enables strong definition over a great distance to deliver terrific video footage. Cameras & Camcorders Handycam Camcorders HVLIRM†Price: $99.99  

10 Watt & 20 Watt Dual Video Light HVL20DMA The HVL-20DMA dual video light brightens up even the darkest video shoot. It features 2 bulbs that produce either 40 lux of light in single bulb mode or 80 lux in dual bulb mode. The HVL-20DMA is compatible with InfoLITHIUM M Series batteries (sold separately) for long lasting power in even the most demanding shooting situations. The included adaptor bar makes mounting to the light to the camcorder easy, as well as allowing flexibility in lighting angles. Cameras & Camcorders Handycam Camcorders HVL20DMA†Price: $149.99  









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