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Wireless Microphone ECMHW2 Record from afar. Through Bluetooth wireless technology for secure recordings, the ECM-HW2 wireless microphone communicates from distances up to approximately 100 feet. It also features two-way communication, and you can shoot while still talking to a friend up to 100 meters from the camcorder. The microphone and receiver unit are even equipped with earphone jacks that correspond to "5.1ch Center Mic" mode. Cameras & Camcorders Handycam Camcorders ECMHW2†Price: $229.99  

Bluetooth Wireless Microphone ECMAW3 Never miss another squeal of delight, another special stage performance, or another word on that special day. Capture sound from up to 150 feet away with the ECM-AW3 Bluetooth wireless microphone for recording devices with microphone in jacks. The ECM-AW3 allows two way communications between you and your subject. This unique feature enables you to give your subject direction while capturing only their voice. The ECM-AW3 comes supplied with armband, wind screen, carrying pouch, and two earphones. Cameras & Camcorders Handycam Camcorders ECMAW3†Price: $229.99  









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