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Vertical Grip for α200-α300-α350 VGB30AM Photographers exploring the possibilities of the α DSLR-A200 will enjoy the creative flexibility added by the high-quality VG-B30AM Vertical Grip. It not only helps steady your hand with the camera in both vertical and horizontal positions, it also provides a stable platform for shooting portraits, still-life shots and other subjects requiring vertical format. For added convenience, the shutter button and other important controls are easy to use and located at your fingertips. It also holds two NP-FM500H InfoLITHIUM batteries (sold separately) for up to 1,500 shots, with automatic power switching to backup battery power for uninterrupted shooting. Cameras & Camcorders Handycam Camcorders VGB30AM†Price: $249.99  

Vertical Grip for α700 VGC70AM Simply connect this vertical grip to your Sony α DSLR-A700 camera and experience its convenient design and ease of use. Handling the camera for tall, narrow shots is now more comfortable than ever and the integrated buttons and expanded power supply options are just a few more reasons to consider the VG-C70AM a go-to accessory for just about any photo shoot. Cameras & Camcorders Handycam Camcorders VGC70AM†Price: $349.99  

Vertical Grip for α900 VGC90AM Reduce the strain on your wrists during long photo sessions with the VG-C90AM vertical grip. Designed for use with your Sony α DSLR-A900 camera, this accessory provides better control along with convenient shutter and control buttons for extra comfort while taking vertical shots. In addition to a rugged construction, this vertical grip holds two NP-FM500H InfoLITHIUM batteries (sold separately) for up to 1,300 shots and automatically switches to backup battery power so you can enjoy uninterrupted shooting. Cameras & Camcorders Handycam Camcorders VGC90AM†Price: $379.99  









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