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Alaska Magazine Alaska magazine celebrates life on America's "last frontier." Each issue covers travel, adventures, environmental issues and more with feature stories and photography about the natural and human wonders of Alaska and how man's encroachment affects it.Price: $24.00  

Atlanta Atlanta keeps you current on the worlds of home, travel, entertainment, business and fashion. Each monthly issue includes tips on where to go and what to do in Atlanta -- the best of the city's arts, dining and entertainment offerings.Price: $12.00  

Charlotte Charlotte magazine is your guide to getting the most out of the beautiful and vibrant Charlotte area. Charlotte tells you what to do, whether it's the hottest concerts, the coolest dance clubs, or the newest eateries. Want to know who's making waves? Charlotte profiles and ranks the people that make things happen. Plus, every issue of Charlotte tells you what to do with your kids, where to go for the latest movies, who's speaking where, and what plays you simply mustn't miss.Price: $12.00  

Chesapeake Bay Magazine Chesapeake Bay Magazine is devoted to those who live around, or visit the Chesapeake Bay area, as well as those who love and appreciate its lifestyle and heritage. With an emphasis on boating (both power and sail) and recreation, each monthly issue of Chesapeake Bay Magazine highlights a new anchorage, a cruise around the Bay, a marina profile, and an on-the-water restaurant review. Regular features in Chesapeake Bay Magazine include Bay history, folklore, photography and fiction, plus columns on boat care, electronics, community news, upcoming events, and more.Price: $19.95  

Cincinnati Magazine Bold, bright, smart. A magazine just like the city of Cincinnati! Cincinnati Magazine keeps you on top of all the important people, places, events and issues. Plus, it covers the best in arts, dining and entertainment.Price: $14.97  

D Dallas Ft. Worth's D Magazine covers the people, events and best in the area. Named "Best City Magazine" in the nation 3 times by the City and Regional Magazine Association.Price: $12.00  

Delaware Today Delaware Today magazine is a regional publication offering news, features, photo essays and service guides for the state of Delaware. Every monthly issue of Delaware Today has great columns on dining, shopping, arts, sports, real estate, homes, a calendar of events and humorous articles. New visitors and even long-time residents can be surprised by Delaware Today's ideas and activities.Price: $14.97  

Door County Door County Magazine is dedicated to those who live and play in the "Cape Cod of the Midwest." Located on a rustic Peninsula jutting out into the waters of Lake Michigan in northern Wisconsin, Door County is a destination and home for people searching for a different pace to their lifestyles. Door County Magazine explores the landscape, culture and people of the region. In each quarterly issue of Door Country Magazine, you'll find profiles of talented locals, insider tips on places to explore, and tales from the past, present and future of Door County.Price: $14.99  

Down East Down East magazine brings readers entertaining features and beautiful photographs that capture the essence of the state of Maine. Each monthly issue includes tips on hikes, inns, activities, eateries, festivals and shows, as well as profiles of Maine people, opinions on what makes life unique in Maine, news from the boatyards and marinas all along the coast and much more.Price: $24.00  

Flight Journal Flight Journal is like no other aviation magazine in the world. Gripping accounts of flights and combat missions put the reader in the cockpit with all involved: pilots, engineers, gunners and eye-witnesses. Flight Journal covers the world of aviation from its simple beginnings to its high-tech, no-holds-barred future. We see aviation history through the eyes of those who made it. The leader in the field of aviation photojournalism, Flight Journal captures what it’s like to pilot aircrafts that inspire fear and awe, from the historic B-17 Flying Fortress to today’s F-16 fighters. While hard-hitting editorial digs into technical details, performance notes and design issues, human experience is at the heart of the magazine. Flight Journal features profiles of legendary aviators, as well as flight achievements, unexpected events and even disasters. All are expertly written by authoritative historians and journalists, or the pilots themselves. Editor-in-Chief Budd Davisson, a legendary pilot, instructor and author, ensures that Flight Journal readers savor every issue. Budd and his team deliver stories that connect deeply with readers, keeping them on the edge of their seats. Stunning photography captivates Large, high-quality photos – from daredevil aerial shots to archive pictures – make the reading experience even more vivid. Flight Journal carries shots by John Dibbs, Paul Bowen and Katsu Tokunaga, among other renowned photographers. Historical photos prompt readers to share when they recognize relatives and squadron buddies. With these connections, readers turn the Letters to the Editor pages into a community with poignant reunions and memories.Price: $24.95  

Florida Travel & Life Florida Travel & Life is the first magazine devoted to the Sunshine State. In every issue, discover secrets of what makes Florida unique and attractive, from distinctive architecture and luxurious residential communities to superb cuisine and world-renowned entertainment.Price: $19.97  

Flying Flying magazine keeps readers updated on new products, industry news and the general aviation market. Each issue features information on improving flying techniques, technological developments and purchasing trends.Price: $14.97  

France If you like France you'll love France Magazine, the English-language bimonthly celebration of la vie frangaise. Enjoying a world-wide following, France Magazine offers a full 150 pages of colorful articles, glorious photography and in-depth information on the land of Gaul with every single issue.Price: $32.75  

Garden & Gun Garden & Gun magazine 21st Century Southern Amaerica. For some, the Southern voice is string. It rings true. Stories of the hunt or the ride, the warmth of salt air, and the smell of split oak are infused into life, even now in the 21st century Southern Amerca. It could easily be argued that the lore and the attraction of the South have grown to fascination. Our aim is to bring those stories to life.Price: $17.97  

Grand Rapids Magazine Grand Rapids Magazine is devoted to the interests, activities and issues of metropolitan Grand Rapids and the Western Michigan area. Every monthly issue of Grand Rapids Magazine is filled with articles about living well, dining, personalities and decorating tips, in addition to an extensive calendar of events, features that inform and entertain, and much more. Grand Rapids Magazine reflects Grand Rapids' life with style!Price: $19.00  

Gulfshore Life Gulfshore Life magazine - The magazine of Naples and Ft. MyersFor 37 years, Gulfshore Life magazine has captured the vibrant spirit, style and natural beauty of Southwest Florida's Gulf Coast.Price: $14.95  

Hour Detroit HOUR Detroit magazine is an award-winning general-interest monthly covering arts and entertainment, state and local politics, fashion, Detroit history, photo essays, profiles of interesting personalities, the food scene and in-depth restaurant reviews, architecture and decor, all packaged in an attractive oversize format.SPECIAL BONUS! - As a subscriber to HOUR Detroit magazine, you will also receive the Metropolitan Detroit Menu Guide! Published in December of each year, the Menu Guide provides a concise collection of menus from a vast array of area restaurants. Enticing features on food-related subjects are also highlighted in its glossy pages.Price: $14.95  

Hudson Valley Hudson Valley magazine focuses on life in the 10-county Hudson Valley region of New York State, from Westchester to the state capital in Albany. Every month, Hudson Valley includes lively feature articles covering cultural events, listings and reviews of area restaurants, daytrips to points of interest and articles on the history and people of the region. Hudson Valley magazine gives new life to your life in this historic and culturally rich region!Price: $14.97  

In Britain In Britain magazine is your guide to the best of what Britain has to offer the visitor. It captures the spirit of the country and its people in words and pictures, and gives you great ideas for new places to explore, recommendations of where to stay and how to get around, and news about what's on around the country.Price: $29.95  

Louisville Louisville is the city magazine for the metropolitan Louisville area. Every issue of Louisville delivers the best local and regional coverage of major personalities and events, and regular columns cover dining out, travel, interior design, health care, politics, history, education, and much more! Plus, Louisville brings you a monthly calendar of things to do and places to go.Price: $18.00  

Main Line Today Main Line Today focuses on the traditional Main Line and western suburbs of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Every issue of Main Line Today features lively lifestyle editorial covering people, history, culture, customs, entertainment, homes, health, fashion, and much more!Price: $14.97  

Memphis Memphis magazine is the guide to the best of everything in Memphis. Every issue of Memphis includes interesting profiles of local personalities, informative coverage of current affairs, politics, and business, plus the city's best dining, entertainment, and much more!Price: $15.00  

Mpls.St.Paul Mpls. St. Paul magazine, the voice of the Twin Cities for more than a quarter of a century, evokes a sense of place as much as a way of life. Our staff combs the metro-area landscape, seeking intriguing people, cutting-edge culture, innovative homes and lifestyle stories, sumptuous dining, and savvy travel destinations - and then features them in a magazine that's part clever companion, part authoritative guide. Our commitment to excellence in service journalism is unparalleled in this market. Every issue features a team of award-winning writers and designers blending their talents to create a magazine that captures the true spirit of the Twin Cities. In addition to coverage that runs the gamut from politics to true crime, Mpls. St. Paul magazine is also devoted to the key categories of food, home, travel, health, dining, and fashion.Price: $19.95  

National Geographic National Geographic magazine gives you a rare look at the drama of humanity and the wonders of nature. With unsurpassed photography and exquisite maps, every issue of National Geographic is an event. From shark safaris to tiger treks, it's your passport to see the world.Price: $34.00  

National Geographic Adventure National Geographic Adventure is a new magazine that puts you in the center of great adventures! Each issue is filled with first-class journalism and stunning photography that redefines the spirit of exploration and adventure.Price: $14.95  

Nevada For more than 60 years, Nevada magazine has been telling Nevada's story. From the newest hotel attractions to historic ghost towns to the best vacation spots, Nevada magazine is the complete guide to the Silver State.Price: $18.95  

New Jersey Life New Jersey Life magazine, written for the discerning reader, profiles the people that make the Garden State so alive, details the places you'll want to visit, uncovers the restaurants you'll come to love, and picks the clothes that'll get you noticed -- wherever you are. Plus, New Jersey Life provides practical advice, like where to find the perfect doctor and how to make the most of your money.Price: $12.00  

New Orleans Magazine New Orleans Magazine is a monthly lifestyle magazine with features and columns about the city in its name. The glossy magazine also places a high emphasis on food and dining coverage. It is the city magazine of New Orleans.Price: $19.95  

New York New York Magazine critically examines news, style, contemporary ideas, trends, and urban issues in and outside of New York. New York deals with such subjects as politics, business, literature, fine arts, entertainment, home furnishings, food, and fashion.Price: $24.97  

Orange Coast Orange Coast is the oldest continuously published magazine in the region of Orange County, dedicated to bringing the community together through page-turning editorial and compelling photos. Everything from local news to politics & personalities to sports, entertainment and the arts is covered in Orange Coast magazine.Price: $12.00  

Orlando Magazine Orlando Magazine caters to the lifestyle and interests of educated, urban-oriented readers who posses both the income and the inclination to indulge in a diverse range of pursuits. It covers the Orlando-area lifestyle, from dining, arts and entertainment to recreation, personalities and politics, with a zest for central Florida that no one else can match.Price: $12.00  

Phoenix Magazine Phoenix Magazine is a guide to news, events, fun, services, trends, history and culture of a growing Sunbelt capital and gives perspective to the issues, people and politics that shape readers' lives. Every issue of Phoenix Magazine includes lifestyle features, health, finance, homes, travel, fashion, environment, food, sports, new products, real estate, design, arts, culture, business, education transportation, safety and other social and political forces that affect life in the area.Price: $14.95  

Realm Acclaimed as "The ultimate magazine for the consummate Anglophile," Realm is Britain's pre-eminent magazine in North America covering British travel, history and culture. It combines the traveler's first-hand experience of the present with the historian's expert knowledge of the past, and is your most trustworthy guide to historic Britain as it lives on today.Price: $34.75  

Russian Life Russian Life magazine takes to the land of infinite mystery and fascination six times a year with beautiful color feature articles and departments on everything from language and cuisine to travel and news. Award-winning photography and engaging articles bring Russia right into your living room.Price: $33.00  

San Diego San Diego Magazine brings you the cultural, aesthetic, political and civic issues, affairs and problems of San Diego County. Whether you're planning on visiting San Diego or have lived in the city for 20 years, San Diego Magazine is the indispensable guide. Every issue of San Diego Magazine includes articles, criticism, photography, opinions and ideas about city planning, politics, art, literature, theatre, music, sports, architecture, fashion, travel and resorts, industry and education. Plus, regular columns in San Diego Magazine cover finance, the arts, dining and entertainment.Price: $18.00  

Schuylkill Living Schuylkill Living Magazine, a quarterly publication celebrating life in Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania. Each full-color issue features articles about what the region has to offer in homes, family life, and outdoor life. We profile local people, and show readers the wealth of art, culture, and history in this area. Departments highlight places to go, things to do, and where to eat.Price: $20.00  

Scotland In glorious color and with witty, crystal-clear writing, Scotland magazine showcases everything Scottish -- the history, literature, arts, music, inventors, news, events, travel, food and more. More than just a travel magazine, Scotland explores the wonders of Scottish culture from the Highlands to the border.Price: $29.95  

Sherman's Travel Sherman's Travel magazine provides expert advice on great destinations and "Smart Luxury Values." It is for people who want luxury, without luxury prices. You'll get the best places and travel values of the season, advice on what to pack and what to bring back, the best tips, suggestions, photos and more from our online luxury value community, a cost and luxury comparison of a complete trip at three different prices, and much more!Price: $9.95  

Shooting Times Every issue of Shooting Times offers exciting, authoritative coverage of guns, ammunition, reloading, and the shooting sports. Shooting Times is written for both the experienced and novice gun enthusiast, focusing on new product developments and activities in the shooting industry.Price: $16.98  

Southern Boating Southern Boating magazine focuses on the boating lifestyle and covers the Chesapeake Bay area down and around Florida, the Gulf Coast over to Texas as well as the Bahamas and the Caribbean. Subscribe now at the lowest price available!Price: $19.95  

St. Louis St. Louis is the insider's guide to everything that makes St. Louis a wonderful place to live or visit. From restaurants to politics to the arts to sports and more, St. Louis is one of the Midwest's finest city publications.Price: $15.00  

Tampa Bay Magazine Tampa Bay magazine is your best resource for enjoying the exciting Tampa Bay area, from fashion to food, from home & garden to entertainment and from shopping to sports and everything else that makes Tampa Bay so wonderful. Both long-time residents and visitors will benefit from the inside information in Tampa Bay magazine!Price: $12.00  

Texas Monthly Texas Monthly has been the authority on the Texas scene since 1973, covering music, arts, travel, restaurants and events with its insightful recommendations. Above all, Texas Monthly provides its readers with a magazine of the highest editorial quality, a standard that has earned it 9 National Magazine Awards, the industry's most coveted prize.Price: $12.00  

The Hunt The Hunt magazine celebrates the beauty, joy and uniqueness of life in Brandywine Valley! Every issue of The Hunt includes regional feature articles, as well as destinations, art, food, shopping, money, conservation, a monthly events calendar, and much more!Price: $12.00  

Vermont Life Vermont Life covers the unique history, people, places and character of Vermont, plus where to go and what to do throughout the state. Whether you're a Vermonter or simply want to learn more about the Green Mountain State, Vermont Life is your insider's guide to the secret places, special character and things to see and do in this uniquely beautiful place.Price: $15.95  

Westchester Westchester magazine is a regional lifestyle magazine serving residents of Westchester and Fairfield, NY. Every month, Westchester provides great information on dining, theater, concerts, cultural events, schools, entertainment and much more. Plus, Westchester features important and interesting local places, hidden treasures and people - leaders, heroes, celebrities, business executives, artists, entrepreneurs, designers and innovators.Price: $14.97  

Westchester Home Westchester Home is a quarterly publication designed with the savvy homeowner and design professional in mind. This upscale, local resource provides an insider's look into the best new products and cutting-edge designs for the home, as well as the latest techniques in gardening and landscape design.Price: $12.00  

Where to Retire Where to Retire is the only magazine designed to help you find the ideal place to retire. You\'ll save time, money and grief! Where to Retire points out the best retirement towns and developments and the best places to retire on a budget. You\'ll learn about climate, state and local taxes, cost of living, housing costs, health care, crime and other important issues. And you\'ll love the candid interviews with retirees who have relocated, including their tips on what to look for -- and what to look out for. With Where to Retire, you\'ll enjoy the happy and fulfilling retirement you\'ve always dreamed of!Price: $18.00  








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