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American Cheerleader American Cheerleader The magazine devoted to teens with a passion to cheer! Learn try out, fitness and nutrition tips for being your best. Price: $14.95  

Skateboarder Skateboarder is filled with in-depth profiles of prominent pros, articles on important controversies, and funny columns that entertain and inform all accompanied by amazing photography of the latest insane tricks. Price: $14.97  

Transworld Skateboarding Transworld Skateboarding magazine keeps up with the ever changing world of skateboarding by covering the newest gear, best parks, and most riveting, outrageous events. Wanna try a Tony Hawk style 900? You probably won't make it, but Transworld Skateboarding editors can explain how to give it a try. Plus, Transworld Skateboarding has the latest skateboarding news, coolest photos, and puts your favorite stars on the hotseat. Price: $16.97  








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