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Adoptive Families Celebrates the joy of building families through adoption, filled with personal stories, adoption news & practical real-life advice from leading adoption professional & experienced adoptive parents. Price: $24.95  

American Baby American Baby magazine is the complete guide to new parenthood, featuring expert advice, personal stories, news, and product information. American Baby covers everything expectant and new parents need to know about pregnancy and baby care. Price: $13.97  

Conceive Magazine Conceive Magazine is designed to provide information and support for women and their partners interested in starting or expanding a family. Price: $14.50  

Family Tree Provides info readers need to uncover the history, lore & romance of their family's unique past. Price: $45.00  

FamilyFun FamilyFun, the country's number one family magazine, is all about the great things you and your family can do together. Every issue of FamilyFun is packed with travel tips and ideas, delicious food, fun crafts, games and learning activities, reviews of kid's books, videos and music and other great products -- all the essentials that enrich the important time you share with your children. Great ideas... Practical advice... Fun stuff to do... FamilyFun brings it all to you! Price: $9.95  

Fit Pregnancy Fit Pregnancy is the perfect magazine for the mother-to-be who values fitness for both herself and her child. Every issue offers guidance and support for pregnancy, the postpartum period and newborns, including nutrition, safe workouts, meal plans, medical news, baby gear and more. Price: $14.97  

Grand Rapids Family Grand Rapids Family is written specifically for West Michigan families. Parents turn to Grand Rapids Family every month because it is a resource that addresses the myriad issues they confront, from child care and education to where to find kid-friendly weekend fun. Every issue of Grand Rapids Family brings you feature stories, columns, humor, a calendar of family events, and much more! Price: $12.00  

Kiwi KIWI magazine helps parents to raise their children in the healthiest way possible. Each issue features the latest in everyday natural and organic family living options.KIWI's mission is to help parents make the best, most practical choices for their families by providing valuable information and resources in an easy-to-read and enjoyable format.Regular KIWI features include information and useful ideas such as:-The safest and most nutritious food choices-Family wellness tips and tricks-Practical travel and vacationing ideas and locations-Fun Environmental education projects for teaching & protecting our children's futures-Social responsibility for their neighbors, their country, and the worldKIWI magazine will help inspire parents to achieve a balance for their children in this fast-paced world. KIWI helps families grow the natural, healthy and organic way. Price: $11.95  

Parenting Early Years Parenting Early Years is a supportive resource with tips and guidance to help moms make their own choices in raising their kids. Each issue contains age-specific child development guidance, information and tips on health and safety, and the best-proven ways to stimulate your child's learning. Price: $9.97  

Parenting School Years School alters everything in a kid's world. The NEW edition of Parenting magazine captures the joys and explores the questions and unique challenges that moms face with their school-age children. Parenting School Years fills a critical need and targets parents with kids age 6-11. Price: $9.97  

Parents Parents is dedicated to the everyday concerns faced by today's parents. Columns and regular features address family development, manners and behavior, product reviews, health and safety issues as well as the necessity of taking time for yourselves. Price: $9.97  

Pediatrics For Parents Learn about children's health with Pediatrics for Parents. Each issue is packed full of articles on children's health, advances in pediatrics, harmful products and more. The articles are written by health professionals. Price: $25.00  

Scholastic's Instructor Scholastic's Instructor is the leading magazine for grade-school educators. Each issue is packed with education news, learning-packed lessons and activities, grade-specific reviews of the world's best children's literature with instant activities, practical advice for handling behavior problems and special needs, tech-based learning activities, strategies for dealing with testing, humorous and poignant moments from the classroom and more. Price: $14.95  

Scholastic's Parent & Child Scholastic's Parent & Child magazine is the leading source of information, advice and inspiration for the involved parent. Each issue brings readers the latest thinking in early childhood development and literacy. Regular features include weekend activities, pullout stories and other interactive features that foster important early learning skills in children. Price: $9.97  

Working Mother Working Mother is the only magazine for mothers who have made the decision to raise a family while also managing a successful career. Every issue of Working Mother brings you advice about child care; children's education, growth, development, health and well-being; personal health, fashion and beauty; career options; work and family issues; family finances; food and nutrition and so much more! Working Mother is full of ideas, inspiration and advice to balance your career, your family and yourself! Price: $9.97  








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