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American Songwriter American Songwriter magazine the craft of music Price: $12.00  

Guitar World (non-disc version) The #1 Guitar magazine in the world. Every issue provides subscribers with the truth about the latest gear and albums on the market, and offers broad-ranging interviews that cover technique, instruments and lifestyles. Price: $24.95  

Making Music Making Music is a bimonthly magazine for adult amateur and recreational musicians. Our readers make music simply because they enjoy it - it helps them to relieve stress, connect with their loved ones, and express themselves creatively. Many have played all their lives, while others have only discovered music recently. We publish articles on music theory, practicing and performing techniques, and the heatlh and wellness benefits of playing a musical instrument. Our stories feature real people who find ways to fit music making into their lives, and is intended for musicians of all playing abilities. Price: $16.95  

Paste Paste Magazine is the premier entertainment publication for progressive thinkers - people who enjoy discovering new music and film, and who prize substance and authenticity over fads and manufactured attitude. The magazine covers an eclectic blend of music from the worlds of indie rock, Americana, folk, hip-hop, electronica and more. Paste's film coverage ranges from the truly independent to the independently-minded - from blockbusters to buzzworthy indies. To round it out, you'll get the scoop on books and video games that matter. Price: $19.95  

Revolver (non-disc version) Revolver Magazine is packed with compelling, exclusive photos and edgy editorials about the world of hard rock. Revolver gives readers access to the bold and hard-hitting music that is selling out arenas and dominating radio today. Revolver provides an in-your-face, high energy perspective on the music world. Price: $12.00  








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