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Cigar Aficionado Cigar Aficionado is your personal guide to enjoying life's greatest pleasures. Cigar Aficionado shows you how to work, dine, travel and live surrounded by the very best of everything... Fine cigars... Top-notch restaurants... World-class resorts... And so many other special indulgences that make life worth living. Plus, Cigar Aficionado keeps you up on culture, clothes, gear, investing, sports and much more. Experience cigar-friendly hotels and restaurants around the world. Savor the wines and cocktails that enhance your cigar experience. Meet your favorite celebrities who enjoy cigars. Indulge yourself. Cigar Aficionado brings you the world of earthly rewards Price: $19.95  

Complex Complex is the men's magazine of hip-hop and urban culture for today's ethnically and racially diverse pop culture-savvy trendsetters. Complex is packed with music, clothes, movies, sports, sex and more. Plus, every issue of Complex includes an in-depth buyer's guide of the hottest gear and gadgets. Price: $6.00  

Maxim Maxim Magazine gives men what they want -- beautiful women and intense sex. Stay up to date about the latest and greatest on all fronts -- sports, clothes, fitness and so much more! And only Maxim brings you all the seriously sizzling pleasures guys enjoy! Price: $10.00  

Men's Journal Men's Journal is the active, intelligent man's guide to life. Geared toward the modern, adventurous man, this magazine is for guys who want to get the most out of their leisure time. Every issue brings you great weekend escapes, unique destinations, cutting edge fitness and intelligent information about everything -- women, sports, fashion, cars, food, health, electronics, gear, gadgets, books and much more! Live life to the fullest with Men's Journal! Price: $11.97  

Outside's Go Outside's Go is for the best in travel & style for men. Your guide to destinations, resorts, vacation properties, outfitters, watches, electronics and othe rgear. Price: $18.00  

Playboy No other magazine entertains you with the quality, style and naked truth of Playboy. Every issue brings you the world's most beautiful women, uncensored advice about sex, revealing celebrity interviews, award-winning fiction and humor, the famous cartoons and jokes, stimulating articles and, of course, those sumptuous eye-pleasing centerfolds. Provocative and informative, Playboy is America's best-selling men's magazine! Playboy publishes one double issue which counts as two of the 12 issues in an annual subscription. Price: $19.98  

Robb Report Robb Report magazine is a preeminent vehicle for the purchase of luxury merchandise. It exemplifies a dynamic and confident attitude, with every issue exploring the privileges, institutions and responsibilities of wealth. Price: $65.00  

Smoke Smoke is the distinctive lifestyle magazine for the cigar and pipe enthusiast. Whether you're seeking adventure, the latest on classic cars, in-depth reading about sports and entertainment or looking for the perfect golf drive, Smoke provides the perfect complement to your smoking pleasure. Price: $12.95  

Smokeshop Smokeshop offers the international tobacconist up-to-date information on manufacturing trends, retailing strategies, new products and services, legislative initiatives, and everything else the modern retailer needs to be competitive. Smokeshop analyzes current trends and developments in the tobacco industry, and features insightful articles on store management, merchandising, marketing, display and design, advertising, and promotion. Price: $24.00  








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