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Military History Military History Magazine brings the thrills and drama of classic land, sea, and air battles throughout history to readers in vivid color and insightful commentary in every issue. Each issue provides compelling, incisive accounts from top writers and historians of all kinds of warfare, illustrated with the world's finest artwork, photography and battle maps. Price: $25.00  

Military History Quarterly Military History Quarterly is an award-winning, exquisitely-illustrated journal that takes you on an exciting journey through world history from a military perspective -- from the origins of armed conflict up to the present day. Price: $39.95  

Vietnam Vietnam magazine provides in-depth and authoritative accounts of the many complexities that made the war in Vietnam unique, including the people, battles, strategies, perspectives, analysis and weaponry. Price: $25.00  

Wild West Wild West is the authoritative magazine covering the true history of the people, places, battles and events that led to the taming of the Great American frontier, from its earliest Eastern beginnings to today's American West. Vintage photos, new information on old subjects and expert insights make this the definitive source for serious students of the American West's great history. Price: $25.00  

World War II World War II magazine is the only publication offering true-life sagas of raids, battles and campaigns in every issue, including the grand strategies that crushed the forces bent on world domination and little-known incidents of valor and heroism. Price: $25.00  








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