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5280 5280 magazine is the essential guide to local issues, dining, arts, entertainment, and living well in the Mile-High City. Visit for more information about the magazine. Price: $19.00  

Acoustic Guitar Acoustic Guitar is the magazine for all acoustic guitar players, from beginners to performing professionals. Through artist interviews, instructional workshops, sheet music and song transcriptions, each monthly issue helps players hone their skills and heighten their appreciation of all acoustic styles and genres. With product reviews and expert advice, Acoustic Guitar also helps players become smarter buyers and owners of acoustic guitars and gear. Price: $36.95  

Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine brings you never-before-published mystery short stories. Every issue of Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine is packed with at least seven new mysteries varying in length from short-shorts to novellas and one classic mystery, an outstanding tale from the genre's past. Every type of mystery fiction is included in Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine, from the classic whodunit to the hardboiled tale to suspense -- and everything in between! Price: $29.97  

Alternative Press Alternative Press covers youth culture and the world of new music, including alternative, indie, ska, electronic, dub, industrial, punk, techno, underground, rock, ambient and more. Each monthly issue contains interviews with indie bands and established acts, reviews of new releases, celebrity profiles, fashion spreads, cutting-edge film reviews, and information about new technologies. Price: $17.95  

America's Civil War America's Civil War is the premier publication for history enthusiasts and students of the Civil War, offering comprehensive and authoritative insights and analysis of the American Civil War, and focusing on little-known facts and on military strategy, leadership and battles. Price: $25.00  

American Heritage Explore the past, discover the future. Price: $24.00  

American Heritage Explore the past, discover the future. Price: $36.00  

American History American History magazine is jam-packed with the people, the places and the events that define the American experience. This unique magazine makes history meaningful to modern American society and relevant to current events, trends and the future through narratives and essays from the nation's leading historians, writers and thinkers. Every issue delivers an entertaining, thought-provoking look at America's most intriquing figures and happenings. Take a moonwalk with Neil Armstrong. Get eyewitness accounts surrounding the events of JFK's assassination. Ride along with Pancho Villa. Scheme with Bonnie and Clyde. Expand your mind. Experience old events in a new light. Pick the brains of America's most fascinating individuals. American History brings you our nation's past, present and future! Price: $25.00  

American Photo For professional and aspiring photographers, American Photo magazine highlights equipment, developments and industry news. Each bimonthly issue includes profiles of photographers, reviews of photography books and exhibits and technical updates. Price: $12.95  

Aperture Aperture Magazine has been described by leading professionals as "the most serious and the most valuable periodical in the photographic world" and "a permanent testimonial to the great photographers of our time" and "essential for anyone who takes photography seriously." Aperture Magazine's printing and binding are of exceptional quality and the paper is extra heavy coated stock. Price: $40.00  

Asimov's Science Fiction Asimov's Science Fiction is the world's most lauded science fiction publication. Works in Asimov's Science Fiction range from hard to literary to more fantastical science fiction, as well as fantasy and a touch of horror. Every issue of Asimov's Science Fiction includes novellas, novelettes, short stories, poems, and much more! Price: $32.97  

Attitude Digest Attitude Digest is a Quarterly Magazine that offers practical ideas, tips, and expert advice on employee motivation, professional development, leadership, personal success & more! Price: $19.97  

AudioFile AudioFile is a magazine for people who love audiobooks Price: $19.95  

Aviation History Aviation History is a journey into the glorious story of military aviation -- from smoke balloons to B-17s to stealth aircraft. Its focus is on the impact of flight on the great world wars and on society as well, all presented with thoughtful writing and analysis, vintage photographs and full-color action shots. Articles cover everything from infamous bomb runs to unsolved aviation mysteries to recovery and restoration efforts. Price: $25.00  

Bass Player Bass Player magazine is for serious electric and acoustic bass players who want to play and sound better. Each month, Bass Player features interviews with the world's top bassists, hands-on lessons in every style, comprehensive reviews of basses, amps and effects, and news about the latest music and hottest gear. Price: $18.99  

Books & Culture Books & Culture is a bimonthly review that engages the contemporary world from a Christian perspective in a lively mix of essays, memoirs, interviews, excerpts from new and forthcoming books and other regular features. Every issue of Books & Culture contains in-depth reviews of books that merit critical attention, as well as short notices of significant new titles. While the magazine's center is Christian, Books & Culture seeks common ground with like-minded souls from other communities of faith. Price: $24.95  

Capper's For more than 100 years, magazine has been enlightening and entertaining families while concentrating on traditional American values. Capper's popular features include The Heart of The Home, reader-submitted letters that share life's humorous, heartwarming poignant and nostalgic experiences, and Reader to Reader, which helps readers find old friends, family and songs. Each issue also includes news stories, poetry, fiction, gardening tips, medical information, financial advice, recipes and more. Price: $14.95  

Civil War Times Illustrated For every Civil War and American History buff, Civil War Times Illustrated is the perfect publication. Eminently readable, never stuffy and always beautifully illustrated with period photography and artwork, Civil War Times Illustrated brings the brave people, interesting places and monumental battles of yesteryear to life in every feature-filled issue. Price: $25.00  

CQ Amateur Radio CQ Amateur Radio is published for Radio Amateurs domestically & internationally who are actively involved in amateur radio equipment. Price: $36.95  

Dance Magazine Dance Magazine Dance Magazine is the MUST READ magazine for aspiring & professional dancers.On top of the dance world for over 80 years, itÂ’s the only magazine that covers all disciplines of dance from ballet, to Broadway, tap and hip hop. Price: $34.95  

Down Beat Down Beat is the magazine for musicians -- amateur and professional. Down Beat delves into the spectrum of today's music with emphasis on jazz. Every issue of Down Beat includes musician interviews, profiles of recording artists, album reviews, performance reviews, music news, new talent reports, the latest musical products and more. Price: $34.99  

Ellery Queen's Mystery Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine brings you the best in short mystery fiction. Every issue of Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine delivers suspenseful stories from mystery and crime fiction's greatest writers. Plus, with Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine you'll also enjoy mystery limericks, book reviews, and an occasional mystery crossword. If you like a good mystery, you'll love Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine! Price: $29.97  

Entertainment Weekly Entertainment Weekly is the premier entertainment, arts and pop culture magazine. Every issue of Entertainment Weekly keeps you up-to-date with the latest entertainment news, reviews and celebrity interviews. Only Entertainment Weekly is packed with personal close-ups and behind-the-scenes stories you can't find anywhere else! Price: $38.95  

Entertainment Weekly Entertainment Weekly is the premier entertainment, arts and pop culture magazine. Every issue of Entertainment Weekly keeps you up-to-date with the latest entertainment news, reviews and celebrity interviews. Plus, Entertainment Weekly also brings you what's hot in books, music, movies and much more. Only Entertainment Weekly is packed with personal close-ups and behind-the-scenes stories you can't find anywhere else! Price: $29.95  

EQ EQ, a recording and sound magazine that provides hands-on and how-to advice, is the leading resource for up-to-the-minute news and techniques, defining technology, informative features and creative insights into the recording process. Each issue of EQ covers traditional recording and sound techniques and advancements in computer-based technologies, as well as the products used in project studios for personal music and sound production, MIDI, sound design, and audio for multimedia. EQ delivers everything recording musician, studio owners, producers and engineers need to create the highest quality work and grow their businesses. Price: $15.00  

Fly RC Fly RC reviews the latest RC aircraft in all sizes–from indoor and park flyers to giant scale–and features product guides, instructional how-tos and educational airplane projects. Flying tips are presented for beginners to expert pilots. Building tips, assembly techniques, radio and power systems are covered in a colorful, family friendly package. Price: $27.95  

Goldmine Goldmine is the worlds largest marketplace for collectible records, CDs, and music memorabilia covering rock n roll, blues, country, folk, and jazz. It features extensive For Sale and Wanted ads plus articles of interest to the serious collector. Price: $39.95  

Grit Grit, America's family magazine since 1882, is dedicated to bringing readers good news. Each issue focuses on a taking a positive approach to life. Grit provides helpful information, encouragement and inspiration, and celebrates readers' courage, dedication and determination to make a difference. Price: $14.95  

Guitar Player Guitar Player magazine is for serious players looking to improve their performances. Each month, Guitar Player brings you stories about your favorite artists, profiles and reviews of the latest gear, and workshops and articles to help you become a better player. Price: $14.99  

Hispanic Hispanic Magazine is the leading lifestyle publication for the Hispanic household. Through interviews, reviews and features on current events, lifestyle, entertainment, business and politics, Hispanic readers get first-class content along with an intelligent and informative perspective on issues of relevance to the Hispanic community. With a unique, worldly and cutting-edge approach, Hispanic delivers insightful and compelling information to help our readers become leaders, professionals and innovators. Price: $15.00  

Home Entertainment Dedicated to the world's most exceptional home theaters, home automation systems, architecture and interior design, Home Entertainment magazine embraces the world's preeminent architects and builders. Every issue of Home Entertainment brings you feature stories about custom-installed audio, video, home automation, lighting control, wireless networking and, of course, the finest home-theaters and home entertainment system designs from around the world. Enjoy state-of-the-art home entertainment products and achieve breathtakingly elegant design in your home with Home Entertainment. Price: $18.00  

In Style With In Style magazine, you can create a personal style that's uniquely yours with inspiring ideas. Discover the best of fashion in every price range and expert beauty advice you can use to create your signature look. In Style magazine is the trusted style adviser and lifestyle resource for today's woman. Price: $24.95  

Indianapolis Monthly Indianapolis Monthly magazine is the ultimate guide to the arts, fine dining, decorating, education and travel in the area. It enlightens its readers with lively editorial on subjects ranging from personalities and social issues to fashion and food. Price: $24.00  

Interview Interview magazine is an award-winning celebration of the best and the brightest in entertainment, fashion and popular culture. Each monthly issue dares to be different with its unique showcase of an eclectic mix of people, film, fashion, music, art and more. Price: $9.97  

J-14 J-14, the number one teen celebrity magazine, is for girls who are plugged in, logged on and savvy. Each issue is packed with cool celebrities, girl stuff, fun and games, horoscopes, star style and more. Price: $14.97  

Jazziz Jazziz magazine highlights the world of jazz music and culture. Each monthly issue comes with a full-length, limited edition CD featuring the best new, classic and exclusive jazz music, including artists such as Miles Davis, Duke Ellington, Ella Fitzgerald and many others. Every issue of Jazziz includes reviews of more than 100 new releases, profiles of jazz musicians, historical pieces on music and trends, a festival guide, events coverage and previews of musical instrument hardware and software. Price: $69.95  

JazzTimes The world's leading jazz publication, JazzTimes provides in-depth profiles of leading musicians, past and present; extensive news coverage of the industry; hundreds of CD, book and video reviews; incredible photography; and special theme issues. Also featured are directories of clubs, education programs, record labels and music festivals; reader polls and critics picks; and contests to send readers to the world's best jazz festivals. Price: $23.95  

Keyboard Keyboard is the definitive source for keyboard technology and techniques. Each month, Keyboard is packed with the information you need to make music with today's hot new technology -- synthesizers, digital recording systems, MIDI sequencers, multimedia gear and more. Plus, you also get stories about your favorite artists. Price: $12.00  

KitPlanes KITPLANES is the independent voice for homebuilt aviation. A monthly magazine devoted to planning, building, and maintaining homebuilt aircraft, KITPLANES has been covering this exciting market for 25 years. Written and edited by pilots, this magazine is filled with detailed plans, how-toÂ’s and step by step guides to get your homebuilt off the ground. Included in every subscription is our annual 3-issue Aircraft Directory. Price: $19.95  

Mental Floss Mental Floss is where knowledge junkies get their fix. It takes the chore out of learning and blurs the line between education and entertainment with its hip, quirky content. Covering everything from black holes to the Dead Sea Scrolls, Mental Floss is guaranteed to make you feel smart again. Price: $21.97  

Mobile Beat Mobile Beat is the Mobile Entertainers Magazine. Mobile DJs, KJs, and VJs who travel to parties every weekend for weddings, school dances and private parties. Mobile Beat publishes 7 times a year and is full of business and performance articles to improve your business. Price: $19.95  

Model Airplane News Model Airplane News is the magazine that started it all! 2009 marks the 80th anniversary of Model Airplane News, and it's hard to believe that the publication first hit the newsstands in 1929. Today, it remains the bible of the RC business. Written by renowned experts in the field, Model Airplane News ignites readers' passion for RC flight, effectively guides their buying decisions and consistently drives market growth. With a primary focus on improving skills, it includes:- In-depth field and bench reviews of the latest planes and accessories- Step-by-step "how-to" articles and construction projects- RC models of all types: fighters, bombers, biplanes and more- Flight techniques: from the basics to aerobatics- Dramatic coverage and thrilling photography of recent RC flying eventsPlus, to celebrate 80 years of Model Airplane News, each 2009 issue will include a page of history so you can look back and see how far we've all come since scale models and free-flight planes. Price: $29.95  

OK! Get up close and personal with today's hottest celebrities -- only with OK! magazine! Only OK! takes you into celebrities' lives, giving you exclusive, behind-the-scenes access to these very private people. Plus, OK! gives you a front-row seat at their weddings, births, parties, breakups, make-ups and other major moments. OK! is packed with the biggest stories, the best photographs and the most popular stars in showbiz. See your favorite celebrities living their lives -- at home, on vacation, on the movie set, with their family and friends. Mingle at the most fabulous celebrity parties in the world. Hear the latest gossip direct from the red carpet. OK! is your authority for celebrity news. Price: $77.52  

Opera News The world's most popular opera magazine is beautifully illustrated & intelligentlywritten. OPERA NEWS chronicles every aspect of the opera scene with: profiles of the stars, performance reviews, backstage intrigue, and reviews of CD's, videos and books. The subscription includes the special TRAVEL issue, the AMERICAN FESTIVAL issue and live Met BROADCAST coverage. Price: $45.00  

People (26 Weeks) People has all of the inside news you crave about the personalities who fascinate you. Each issue is packed with amazing stories about ordinary people and their extraordinary lives, as well as the latest word on today's hottest pop culture trends. Price: $56.94  

Popular Communications Popular Communications is for the user & prospective user of VHF scanners, shortwave receivers, radar detectors, satellite TV & cell phones. Price: $32.95  

Radio Control Car Action RC Car Action is the worldÂ’s best-selling RC car magazine. Since 1985, it has driven the market, set the standard for RC journalism and become the number-one source for RC success. Written for new drivers, hard-core enthusiasts and racing pros, RC Car Action engages consumers effectively by covering the full spectrum of RC car excitementÂ’ from racing to ready-to-runs, from kits to custom creations. No other publication has such a huge impact on the continued growth of the RC industry. And no other publication has a greater ability to keep its readers coming back for more. With a primary focus on improving skills, RC Car Action delivers:-Cutting-edge tuning advice from the RC experts-Tech tips that take readers to the next level-Hard-hitting comparison tests from the industryÂ’s leading editors-Comprehensive buyersÂ’ guides-Wild project vehicles that push the RC envelope-In-depth reviews that go far beyond manufacturersÂ’ specs Price: $27.95  

RC Driver RC Driver is your source for nitro and electric RC cars, trucks and boats. The magazine features many product reviews, massive part guides, vehicle specific how to's, engine tuning techniques, painting and detailing, plus wild projects too! Stunning photography, clear writing and entertaining reading put you behind the wheel--all in an educational, family-friendly package. Price: $19.95  

Reader's Digest Discover all the joy, laughter and richness of life on every page of Reader's Digest. You'll stay on top of current events; gain new perspectives on politicians, entertainers, writers, and artists; find inspiration from extraordinary human-interest stories; learn the latest health news to keep your family safe; and embrace the humor of day-to-day life. And of course, you'll enjoy legendary regular features like "Word Power" and "Laughter, the Best Medicine." See how rich your life can be with Reader's Digest, the most widely read monthly magazine. Price: $14.98  

Reader's Digest Large Type Discover all the joy, laughter and richness of life on every page of Reader's Digest. You'll stay on top of current events; gain new perspectives on politicians, entertainers, writers, and artists; find inspiration from extraordinary human-interest stories; learn the latest health news to keep your family safe; and embrace the humor of day-to-day life. And of course, you'll enjoy legendary regular features like "Word Power" and "Laughter, the Best Medicine." See how rich your life can be with Reader's Digest, the most widely read monthly magazine. Price: $29.98  

Reminisce Reminisce--A trip down "Memory Lane" with personal memories, photos & heartwarming nostalgia-submitted by readers! Price: $17.98  

Rolling Stone The premier rock and roll magazine, Rolling Stone's sphere of influence reaches into entertainment, movies, television, technology and national affairs. Rolling Stone covers everything that's important, trend setting and newsworthy to the thought leaders among young adults. Rock your world with Rolling Stone! Price: $14.95  

Soap Opera Digest Soap Opera Digest takes fans behind the scenes of TV's most popular soaps. Find out who's getting married, who's cheating, and who's got an evil twin. All the drama, mystery, and romance of popular soaps are captured in every issue of this magazine. Price: $39.95  

Soap Opera Weekly From daytime to primetime, Soap Opera Weekly has got your favorite shows covered. Every week you get behind-the-scenes secrets, the latest star gossip and the latest star fashions. You'll also catch up on what happened last week and enjoy sneak peeks at upcoming plots. Price: $39.97  

Soaps in Depth - ABC Soaps in Depth is a digest-sized magazine for loyal soap fans who crave in-depth coverage of their favorite soaps. Each issue brings you late-breaking news, storyline info, interviews, star profiles and more about your favorite ABC soaps -- All My Children, General Hospital, One Life to Live and Port Charles. Price: $22.97  

Soaps in Depth - CBS Soaps in Depth is a digest-sized magazine for loyal soap fans who crave in-depth coverage of their favorite soaps. Each issue brings you late-breaking news, storyline info, interviews, star profiles and more about your favorite CBS soaps -- As the World Turns, The Bold & the Beautiful, Guiding Light and The Young & the Restless. Price: $22.97  

Spin Smart, provocative and exciting, Spin magazine gives you the edge on alternative music and youth culture. Each month, it covers the latest on film, fashion, art, politics, and music -- including ska, pop, R&B, hip-hop, rap and more. Price: $9.95  

Strings Strings is written by and for players and teachers of bowed stringed instruments. Each issue of Strings features lively interviews with Itzhak Perlman, Edgar Meyer, Yo-Yo Ma and other luminaries. Plus, Strings is filled with music to play, from long-forgotten pieces to new works. Price: $32.95  

The Saturday Evening Post The Saturday Evening Post magazine contains humor, fiction and nonfiction that will entertain the American family. Each bimonthly issue contains articles on volunteerism, preventive medicine and family living. Price: $14.97  

TV Guide TV Guide is America's #1 weekly entertainment magazine! Every weekly issue of TV Guide is packed with authoritative coverage of television's top programs, personalities and trends -- customized with complete television listings for your specific area. Plus, TV Guide brings you all the things you can't get in the newspaper, including in-depth profiles of the stars, articles about new shows, previews, guides to content appropriateness, crosswords, movie and sports guides, people features and much more! Price: $39.00  

U.S. News & World Report Each monthly print issue of U.S.News & World Report will alternate among the subjects that matter most to you: health and wellness, money and business, education and careers, and politics, public policy, and opinion. Price: $24.97  

Us Weekly Get a revealing insider's look at the hot celebrities and trends in Us Weekly. Every issue is packed with fascinating news reports that take you way beyond the headlines. You get the romances, the scandals and the people behind them. Us Weekly gives you the smack-dab truth on everyone you hear about -- Paris Hilton, Michael Jackson, Britney Spears, J Lo, Jennifer Aniston, Brad Pitt, Ashton Kutcher and so many others. See the celebrities, gossip, photos, fashion and much more for yourself right now! Price: $51.48  

Vanity Fair Gain entry into the world's most sophisticated circles with Vanity Fair. Globetrot with your favorite stars. Be privy to secrets of the famous, the infamous, the influential and the up-and-coming. With revealing articles and breathtaking photography, every issue of Vanity Fair takes you on an unforgettable journey of money, beauty, power and style. Live the glamorous life with Vanity Fair. Price: $15.00  

Watch! Watch! is the official magazine of CBS, a glossy, entertainment focused magazine that gives readers a window into the world of glamour and celebrity through their favorite stars. From revealing profiles of TV's biggest talents to behind the scenes features, Watch! goes where no other magazine can. Every issue is jam packed with interviews, previews, fashion spreads, celebrity vacation features and trips down memory lane through the CBS library. With the access of TV Guide, the glamour of Vanity Fair and the know-how of Entertainment Weekly, Watch is your one source for the best in television and entertainment. Price: $11.99  








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