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American Patchwork & Quilting American Patchwork & Quilting magazine instructs and inspires quilters in all aspects of the art of quilt making. Each bimonthly issue features exclusive new projects from top designers, full-size pull-out patterns, reader-submitted tips, an editorial review of the latest quilt products on the market and a profile of a quilter, designer, quilt shop or quilt guild.Price: $22.00  

Arts & Crafts Homes Our mission is to offer expert advice and perspective for those building, renovating, or furnishing a home in the Arts and Crafts spirit. Offering hundreds of resources, we showcase the work not only of past masters, but also of those whose livelihoods are made in creating well-crafted homes, furnishings, and works of art today. Each issue is a portfolio of the best work in new construction, restoration, and interpretive design, presented through intelligent writing and beautiful photographs.Price: $24.00  

CardMaker CardMaker is your guide to creative card-making projects of every kind -- large, small and all straight from the heart! CardMaker brings you the most creative new projects from America’s best designers! Every issue of CardMaker gives you inspiration, fresh ideas and “I can do that!” confidence. All card-making projects in CardMaker include a complete materials list and recommended tools. Create beautiful cards. Save money on the over-priced cards at the store. Have fun while you do it all. Only CardMaker has literally scores of new and original card-making projects in every issue!Price: $19.97  

Crafts 'N Things Crafts 'N Things is one of the most popular and comprehensive crafting magazines in the world. Covering everything from cross-stitch to painting to plastic canvas to recyclables and hundreds of other crafts, Crafts 'N Things features dozens of craft projects in every issue. Each project in Crafts 'N Things is fully illustrated with clear, easy-to-follow directions, and only Crafts 'N Things offers its exclusive full-size, one-sided patterns -- no copying or enlarging ever required! Crafts 'N Things focuses on presenting crafts for every skill level, including children, making it the perfect magazine for adult crafters, parents and youth organization leaders.Price: $21.97  

Create & Decorate Create & Decorate helps you create the crafts that give your home that special touch of you! Decorate with original, unique and artistic objects. Live every day with warmth, charm and comfort. Create a home that's a perfect reflection of your own personal style. Every issue of Create & Decorate is packed with upscale crafts and projects for decorating and furnishing your home! Create & Decorate brings you complete how-to instructions for a terrific variety of vintage, garden, primitive and folk art projects. You get projects that let you paint, quilt, decoupage, cross-stitch, stamp, sew and much more. Create & Decorate is full of ideas and inspiration!Price: $19.97  

Creative Knitting Creative Knitting is devoted to making you the very best knitter you can be! Learn which patterns, yarns, and designs are most popular for your cardigans, sweaters, Afghans and pullovers. Each issue of Creative Knitting features simple, comprehensive instructions for specific pieces, so you can create clothes your whole family will love!Price: $19.97  

Creative Woodworks & Crafts Creative Woodworks & Crafts is packed with inspirational ideas and practical advice for a wide range of skills. You get step-by-step instructions, full-color diagrams and full-size patterns for each and every project. And here's the best part of all -- every issue of Creative Woodworks & Crafts brings you more than 20 original and exclusive projects from many of today's leading designers. Plus, you also get helpful tips and techniques, along with feature articles about working smarter and safer, selling your work, getting a good finish on your projects and much more. With Creative Woodworks & Crafts, you get the best wood working projects in the world!Price: $29.97  

Crochet World Crochet World is your passport into the wonderful land for crochet lovers! Update your patterns and stitch techniques with help from serious crochet experts from across the country. You'll be able to create sweaters, blankets and tablecloths that will blow the stockings off your friends and family. Hone your passion for crochet with Crochet World!Price: $19.97  

Crochet! Crochet! specializes in bringing you comprehensive crochet instruction about a variety of projects, ranging from moderately simple to extremely challenging. You'll learn how to make decorative ornaments, comforting scarves and hats, pillow sets, Afghans, warm blankets and more! Plus, Crochet! includes a special stitch guide and photo index to ensure that you move every thread perfectly.Price: $19.97  

Decorating Digest Craft & Home Projects Decorating Digest Craft & Home Projects provides crochet, embroidery and painting enthusiasts with insights and inspiration. With special holiday projects and needlework suggestions for items such as afghans and socks, your idle time will be productively conducted. Get step-by-step instructions, clear illustrations and timesaving tricks to personalize your home.Price: $30.00  

Knit 'N Style Knit 'N Style is a fashion-filled magazine for the hand knitter. Every issue of Knit 'N Style is packed with about 30 exciting and original designs, including complete instructions from various yarn companies and well-known, hand-knit designers. Plus, Knit 'N Style brings you updates about the latest fashions and fiber trends, book and product reviews, exclusive articles, how-to features and machine-knit instructions for selected projects. Create stylish sweaters, vests, jackets, pullovers, kids gear, women's fashions, unisex clothing and much more. Discover the best patterns, techniques and ideas. Never wear a dress, scarf or anything else that the woman next door has in her closet. Only Knit 'N Style shows you how to stand out from the crowd with your unique and beautiful clothes.Price: $23.97  

Living Crafts Living Crafts is a community of readers who value the work of their hands, use natural and organic materials, and live in an authentically holistic lifestyle. Living Crafts provides craft enthusiasts with the information, ideas, and inspiration they need to support their desire for self-sufficiency, sustainability and a natural lifestyle. In each issue there are projects for the entire family, including fun crafts for parents and children to do together.Price: $21.95  

Make: Technology on Your Time MAKE is a quarterly publication for those who just can't stop tinkering, disassembling, re-creating, and inventing cool new uses for technology. It's the first do-it-yourself magazine that celebrates your right to tweak, hack and bend technology anyway you want.Price: $34.95  

PaintWorks There's no other decorative painting magazine like PaintWorks! Even if you've never painted a single stroke before, PaintWorks is the resource that turns you into a skilled decorative painter. Everyone from beginners to advanced painters loves the unique qualities of PaintWorks! Every issue of PaintWorks brings you dozens of new and exclusive painting projects for every surface you can imagine! Plus, all the wonderful projects in PaintWorks come complete with step-by-step instructions, technique tips for blending and brush-loading, color worksheets, full-sized pull-out patterns and color photos to make every project easy, fun and perfect. Bring style and comfort to your home. Create cherished heirlooms. Brighten up every room. For the aspiring artist or the seasoned professional, PaintWorks helps you take your talent to the next level!Price: $28.97  

Popular Woodworking Popular Woodworking is the magazine for passionate woodworking enthusiasts! Every issue of Popular Woodworking is packed with complete plans for projects, unbiased tool reviews, and in-depth articles on woodworking techniques for the beginning, intermediate and expert woodworker. Plus, Popular Woodworking also brings you advice on finishing, the best jigs and fixtures, and great shop tips and tricks.Price: $19.96  

Quick & Easy Crochet Quick & Easy Crochet is your ticket into the wonderful world of crochet! Make wonderful one-of-a-kind fashions. Give lovely handmade gifts. Enjoy a relaxing and productive pastime. Every issue of Quick & Easy Crochet is loaded with terrific projects and ideas, beautiful full-color pictures, easy step-by-step instructions, complete lists of supplies and so much more. There's no other publication quite like Quick & Easy Crochet! Quick & Easy Crochet brings you everything you need to crochet beautiful sweaters, afghans, tablecloths and more. And only Quick & Easy Crochet makes it more fun than ever! Create heirlooms with pride and satisfaction. Wrap those you love in snuggly one-of-a-kind creations. Spend your free time doing something you love! With Quick & Easy Crochet, the possibilities are endless!Price: $30.00  

Quick & Easy Painting Quick & Easy Painting magazine is the first and only magazine dedicated solely to the beginning painter. Every project featured includes full-size patterns, color worksheets, step-by-step instructions, and teacher's tips. Each issue of Quick & Easy Painting brings the best teachers in the country applying the fundamentals of decorative painting to unique and innovative projects on all types of surfaces.Price: $22.97  

Quilter's Newsletter Quilter's Newsletter is the complete quilting publication, with not just stunning projects and patterns in every issue, but also news from the quilting world, basic technique instruction, profiles of quiltmakers, reviews of products, photos of readers' quilts, and even historical perspectives on quilts and quilting.Price: $19.95  

Quilter's World Quilter's World magazine instructs and inspires quilters in all aspects of the art of quilt making. Each information-packed issue features exclusive new projects from top designers, the hottest patterns of the moment, helpful reader-submitted tips, editorial reviews of the latest quilt products on the market, and profiles of great quilting destinations near your home where you can hone the trade. Quilting doesn't have to be a labor-intensive pastime! Learn how to make it quick, easy, and fun with help from Quilter's World!Price: $19.97  

Scrapbooks etc. Scrapbooks etc. magazine provides inspiration and in-depth instruction, while it inspires and educates all skill levels.Price: $19.97  

Sew Beautiful From sewing and lifestyle guru Martha Pullen comes Sew Beautiful magazine, featuring everything from baby and doll clothes to home fashions, quilts, and, of course, women's fashions. Every technique is covered, from smocking to applique to hemming to embroidery -- and Sew Beautiful features full-color projects suitable for every skill level.Price: $24.99  

Sew News Each month in Sew News, the complete sewing resource, you'll find a wide array of special features and regular columns with something for everyone -- projects, patterns, machine information, new products, special offers and much more. Sew better and faster, and enjoy it more, with help from Sew News.Price: $14.97  

The Cross Stitcher The Cross Stitcheris a how-to magazine for the serious enthusiast. Short of ideas? The Cross Stitcher is packed with projects, from the simplest to the most advanced. Each issue includes lists of supplies, detailed instructions, and easy-to-follow charts. Follow these easy steps, and your creations will be the envy of the neighborhood.Price: $21.97  

The Quilter The Quilter is the definitive quilting magazine for yesterday, today and tomorrow! The seven annual issues provide wonderful patterns, techniques and materials that will help you create your most wonderful pieces ever. The pattern index section has useful cutouts to help you plan your quilt. Commemorate special feelings in space and time and love your colors, fabrics and textures with The Quilter!Price: $22.97  

Threads Threads offers the best firsthand instruction for creating beautiful garments and home furnishings. Topics include fabrics, design, fitting, finishing, and sewing supplies. With Threads, there's no limit to what you can accomplish.Price: $32.95  

Wood Wood magazine helps woodworkers of all skill levels have fun while building their skills. Each issue includes shop-tested projects, full-size pull-out patterns, clear step-by-step instructions, skill-building tips, tricks and shortcuts, tool reviews you can trust, handy shop jigs and fixtures, full-color photos and more!Price: $26.00  








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