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5.0 Mustang & Super Fords 5.0 Mustang & Super Fords offers the late model Mustang enthusiast a balanced mix of hardcore performance tech, competition tips and secrets, performance product evaluations, and buyer's guides.†Price: $15.00  

American Rider American Rider is the magazine for the upscale, active Harley Davidson enthusiast. Every issue of American Rider brings you information about new Harleys and significant models of the past. Plus, American Rider also includes contains useful articles about accessories, travel destinations, events, advice, customizing and modifications. Show your independence!†Price: $19.97  

Automobile Automobile magazine is dedicated to extraordinary cars and the people who make them, drive them and love them. Without pulling punches, Automobile brings you the world's most incredible cars -- in full color and with expert commentary.†Price: $10.00  

Camaro Performers From the editors of Super Chevy magazine comes Camaro Performers. Each issue of Camaro Performers is packed with awesome features and informative technical articles. Also included are some old school drag racing photos from the early days of Pro Stock.†Price: $19.97  

Car and Driver Indulge your need for speed with Car and Driver magazine. See the hottest cars and trucks before they hit the market -- including full coverage of foreign vehicles. Become an expert on what to buy and why -- and impress the heck out of your friends. And increase your own driving pleasure with information you care about -- like the latest technology, racing news, popular personalities and hot products. Plus, Car and Driver also brings you road tests, ratings, previews of new models and so much more. If you have the passion, Car and Driver is your magazine.†Price: $11.97  

Car Craft Car Craft provides hands-on expert advice on street, strip, and new rods and muscle cars built from 1949 to present.†Price: $12.00  

Chevy High Performance Chevy High Performance strives to be the authoritative source for all Chevy enthusiasts who are interested in buying, building, restoring and modifying high performance Chevy vehicles.†Price: $17.00  

Collectible Automobile Collectible Automobile features upcoming car show events, profiles of vintage automobiles with timeless style, performance specs on cars of all stripes and much more. Collectible Automobile brings you information about vehicles like the 1947 Bentley Mark VI Drophead Coupe, the 1969 Dodge Charger R/T Hardtop Coupe, the 1957 GMC Series 100 Pickup and hundreds of others each year. If you're a true classic automobile enthusiast, Collectible Automobile is for you!†Price: $39.95  

Corvette Fever Corvette Fever provides the Corvette owner with articles and photos about the Corvette sports car. You'll get authoritative information from America's premier Corvette magazine with more pages, more photos and more total Corvette coverage.†Price: $27.97  

Cycle World Cycle World magazine is the authority on the latest technical developments in motorcycles and related equipment. Every month, it delivers product reviews, racing coverage, field tests, personality profiles and apparel features.†Price: $12.97  

DieCast X Expertly written and visually compelling, DieCast X brings together award-winning journalists, renowned photographers and industry pros to capture the spirit of diecast like never before. It covers the entire spectrum of automotive diecast from customizing to collecting. Styled and dialed, DieCast X is a breakthrough way to build your brand! Unlike price and buying guides, it takes an insider¬ís look at the history behind popular diecast cars and trucks, as well as how each model has helped shape the automotive industry and motor sports. DieCast X covers the entire spectrum of automotive diecast, including:-Designers, manufacturers and legends in both full-scale and diecast-New product evaluations-The world of diecast customizing-Celebrities and their collections-The latest car, airplane and boat releases from all diecast manufacturers large and small†Price: $19.95  

Diesel Power Diesel Power is for diesel enthusiasts. Publication shows Ford Powerstroke, Dodge Cummins, and GM Duramax owners what's on the market to improve their trucks' engine, transmission, and driveline. It shows the newest light trucks with diesel engines and catalogs their performance.†Price: $19.95  

Dirt Rider Dirt Rider delivers stories about how and where to ride, new equipment and motorcycles, and prominent individuals in the sport. Every issue includes dirt bike tests, technical how-tos, race reports and product information.†Price: $12.00  

Dupont Registry Fine Autos duPont - Buyers of Fine Autos†Price: $49.95  

European Car European Car magazine covers the finest new and classic european imports. Each monthly issue features road tests, product evaluations, aftermarket performance and appearance modifications, historical retrospectives and race team coverage.†Price: $11.97  

Eurotuner Eurotuner delivers insightful new vehicle-testing reviews, technical and how-to articles covering engine buildups, performance tuning, suspension modifications, and tire and wheel selections.†Price: $15.00  

GM High Tech Performance GM High-Tech Performance magazine celebrates today's muscle cars, such as the Ford Mustang and Chevy Camaro. Each bimonthly issue includes performance enhancements, supercharger and turbocharger tech, new product reviews, drag tests and more.†Price: $19.95  

High Performance Pontiac High Performance Pontiac magazine is for enthusiasts of Pontiacs, old and new. Each bimonthly issue includes articles on collecting, restoring, performance modifications, customizing, road tests, new model previews and event coverage.†Price: $24.97  

Hot Bike Hot Bike magazine is designed for Harley-Davidson motorcycle enthusiasts. Each monthly issue features technical information, how-to articles, event coverage, road tests, high-performance components, riding apparel and product evaluations.†Price: $23.00  

Hot Bike Baggers Contains in-depth tech articles that inform and enlighten them to the many technical aspects of the Harley-Davidson motorcycle. Tech articles vary from the mild hands-on garage approach, to the out-and-out custom how-tos and follow along. There is an emphasis on how to maximize engine performance.†Price: $19.97  

Hot Rod Hot Rod is America's leading hot rodding magazine, focusing on high-performance and personalized hot rods, Chevies, and muscle cars.†Price: $14.00  

Import Tuner The baddest cars and all the tech you need -- Import Tuner is the magazine for the entry-level enthusiast. Each monthly issue helps readers make smarter purchases with product tests, dyno charts and no-nonsense tech articles.†Price: $14.97  

Limousine Digest Limousine Digest The world's leading publication focusing on the limousine and luxury ground transportation industry. Contains late-breaking industry news, as well as information and advice on how to run your limousine business more successfully. Monthly topics and sections include sales and marketing, insurance hints, technology tips, chauffeur training, success stories, guidance for new operators, and more. We also regularly cover industry-related issues, events, and associations. Articles and columns are written by limousine operators and industry experts. The largest circulated and most widely read magazine in the chauffeured ground transportation industry.†Price: $12.00  

Lowrider Lowrider is the premiere magazine for the lowrider enthusiast! This one-of-a-kind publication is packed with the best lowrider vehicles in the world. Every issue brings you showcases of the most incredible lowriders, exciting show coverage, world-record hops, wild dancers, cultural insights, technical how-tos and much more. Whether you're into traditionals, bombs, euros, bikes or models, this magazine has something to excite or inspire you. Only Lowrider brings you culture, pride, artistry and style!†Price: $20.00  

Modified Modified is the ultimate sport compact auto magazine. Every issue of Modified is all about hot Imports and American cars, high perfomance tuning and technology, upgrades, project cars, racing, product guides, events and much more!†Price: $19.95  

Modified Mustang & Fords Modified Mustang & Fords is written for car enthusiasts interested in Mustangs from 1964 to the present, Modified Mustangs & Fords includes articles on street and strip Mustangs as well as technical, historical, and how-to articles.†Price: $19.97  

Mopar Muscle Mopar Muscle delivers how-to and technical information on the restoration, repair and maintenance of high performance automobiles.†Price: $29.97  

Motor Trend Motor Trend is the world's automotive authority. Every issue of Motor Trend informs and entertains with features on the testing of both domestic and import cars, car care, motor sports coverage, sneak peeks at future vehicles, and auto-industry news.†Price: $10.00  

Motorcycle Cruiser Motorcycle Cruiser addresses the full spectrum of this vital market segment, serving these riders with road tests, product evaluations, customized bikes, riding technique advice, maintenance info, destinations, buyer's guides and news.†Price: $14.97  

Motorcyclist Motorcyclist covers the full spectrum of street riding with a special emphasis on the practical aspects of motorcycling. Each issue provides time-saving investigative legwork on the latest motorcycles, parts, and accessories.†Price: $10.00  

Muscle Mustangs & Fast Fords Muscle Mustangs & Fast Fords magazine features the latest factory aftermarket and performance parts and services for the street and strip. Every issue of Muscle Mustangs & Fast Fords contains how-to tech articles, racing and new car news and ways to make a Mustang run faster.†Price: $29.97  

Musclecar Enthusiast Musclecar Enthusiast is the magazine for fans of classic American performance cars. Every issue of Musclecar Enthusiast delivers a tire-smoking package of technical articles, features on gorgeous, restored musclecars, coverage of important musclecar racing and club events, auction results, historical profiles and the latest news on today's new generation of musclecars.†Price: $24.97  

Mustang Enthusiast Mustang Enthusiast celebrates Ford Mustangs and their owners' passion for real-world street driving, show competition, restoration and grassroots road racing. Performance build-ups, maintenance, new vehicle testing, lifestyle and travel, history, personality profiles, news, show-winning tips, product reviews, and features on the top cars in the hobby reflect Mustang Enthusiast's editorial focus. Articles and photographs by the top automotive journalists in this market combine to deliver the authoritative and tasteful magazine the Mustang world has been waiting for. Whether you're into spirited highway driving, the competitive show scene, weekend road racing, or are simply a fan of America's legendary ponycar, Mustang Enthusiast is for you. From the 1964-1/2 hardtops and convertibles to the all-new 2005 coupes, Mustang Enthusiast brings you the information you need every month to keep your Mustang in top form for the street, the track, or the showfield, and keep you up-to-date on the latest happenings in the Mustang world. Mustang Enthusiast Five Generations, One Publication.†Price: $19.97  

Mustang Monthly Mustang Monthly offers enthusiasts of the Ford classic the latest technical how-to information, historical facts, club directories, and maintenance tips. Features maintain an emphasis on budget and street-oriented, do-it-yourself modifications.†Price: $24.97  

Old Cars Price Guide Old Cars Price Guide is the nations most respected authority for pricing antique and collectible automobiles. The extensive price guide section covers makes and models of domestic cars, from AMC to Willys, from model years 1901-1994.†Price: $19.98  

Old Cars Weekly Old Cars Weekly covers the entire field of collectible automobiles, from classic touring cars and roadsters of the early 1900s to the popular muscle cars of the 1960s and 70s, with features, price guides and more.†Price: $41.98  

Pontiac Enthusiast Pontiac Enthusiast covers the cars built by GM's "Excitement Division," from the classic GTO and Super Duty Catalinas of the musclecar era to the sizzling Trans Am and exciting supercharged Grand Prix GTP of today. Every issue of Pontiac Enthusiast is packed with expanded coverage of Pontiac shows, events and races from across the US, as well as in-depth technical articles, informative how-tos and dynamic color photography of Pontiac's greatest cars.†Price: $19.95  

Popular Hot Rodding Popular Hot Rodding magazine provides auto enthusiasts with how-to advice on restoring, modifying and enhancing performance of American-made performance cars. Every issue of Popular Hot Rodding features new products, replacement parts, industry news and race coverage.†Price: $14.97  

Popular Mechanics Popular Mechanics magazine is your chronicle of emerging technology and innovation. Every issue of Popular Mechanics explains how things work in a way that everyone can understand -- from cars, trucks and motorcycles to electronics, woodworking and home improvement. If you like to do it yourself, you'll love Popular Mechanics!†Price: $10.00  

Rider Rider, the premier touring and street-riding magazine, brings you motorcycling at its best! Every issue of Rider is packed with articles about maintaining and improving your machine, extensive road tests, the best places to go and easiest ways to get there. Plus, Rider keeps you up-to-date on the newest models and hottest products in the motorcycle industry. Rider is a must-read for sport, road and touring motorcycle enthusiasts!†Price: $12.00  

Road & Track Road & Track magazine brings you all things automotive! Every issue of Road & Track brings you new cars, engineering and design news, pro racing coverage, driving reports, road tests and even personality profiles and automotive history. Go on a wild ride with Road & Track!†Price: $11.97  

RoadRUNNER RoadRUNNER covers all makes of motorcycles the sport bikes, choppers, cruisers, enduros, standards, dirt bikes and moto-crossers. Coverage includes reporting on the designers, developers, manufacturers, distributors and dealers. This magazine is created for everyone interested in riding motorcycles and experiencing safe and satisfying bike vacations.†Price: $19.95  

Rod & Custom Rod & Custom provides restoration advice for high-tech custom rods, vintage cars, and pickups.†Price: $17.97  

Sport Rider Sport Rider targets the fast growing, technically sophisticated world of sporting street motorcycles. Each issue includes information on technique, skills enhancement and rider training.†Price: $15.95  

Street Rod Builder Street Rod Builder magazine is a hands-on, do-it-yourself hot rodding magazine that provides the step-by-step information for on doing the job safely, properly and cost-effectively. Every issue of Street Rod Builder brings you beginning-to-end modification instruction, event coverage and dream-rod showcases.†Price: $39.99  

Street Rodder Street Rodder magazine is dedicated to the building, modification and enjoyment of autos built prior to 1949. Each monthly issue features car profiles, product reviews, show coverage, industry news, low-budget how-tos and detailed technical reports.†Price: $24.95  

Super Chevy Super Chevy magazine presents the most comprehensive coverage of Chevy-powered motorsports events and car shows. Each month, it offers how-to advice on performance modification, classic restoration and engine upgrades, plus new parts and products.†Price: $18.00  

Super Rod Super Rod magazine, the ultimate source for aftermarket high-performance products, offers practical how-to and technical material for the hands-on automotive enthusiast plus troubleshooting solutions for performance modifications. Every issue of Super Rod brings you extreme street machines, muscle cars, street rods and late-model performance.†Price: $34.99  

Super Street Super Street focuses on the technical and how-to aspects of personalization and performance enhancement of compact cars.†Price: $14.97  

Super Streetbike Features page after page of the wildest custom sportbikes in the nation, from the local scene to the National event.†Price: $18.00  

Ultimate MotorCycling A staff of seasoned editors and photographers, themselves all lifelong riders, will offer an array of feature articles; from reviews of the newest high-quality motorcycles to interviews with noted motorcycle riders to weekend adventures celebrating the most fabulous roads in the world.†Price: $15.00  

Vette Vette magazine is the consummate guide for Corvette enthusiasts. Every issue of Vette is packed with new technological developments, restoration of older classics, performance modifications and industry news.†Price: $32.95  








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