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ALARM ALARM does one thing, and it does it very well — it publishes the best new music and art in ALARM Magazine Price: $19.95  

American Craft American Craft celebrates the modern makers who shape the world around us. Presenting unknown innovators and artistic stalwarts, American Craft connects the disparate worlds of art, industry, fashion, architecture and design, giving an entirely new voice to the craft community. Price: $30.00  

AmericanStyle AmericanStyle is the award-winning arts lifestyle magazine for art lovers, collectors and travelers. Each issue offers readers exclusive visits to American artists' studios and art collectors' homes, as well as articles about the finest art glass, ceramics and pottery, designer jewelry, wearable art, metal sculpture, handmade crafts, and much more. Art and travel enthusiasts turn to AmericanStyle for city/regional arts walks, museum previews, gallery news, art trends and a state-by state “Datebook” of 300+ art events in each issue. Price: $25.00  

Art & Auction Art & Auction magazine is your source for sophisticated insider information from around the art world. Price: $80.00  

Art Calendar Art Calendar is the industryÂ’s foremost business magazine for visual artists. Founded in 1986, Art Calendar acts as a beacon to guide artists on their journey toward making a living with their art.Written by knowledgeable industry pros and successful working artists, Art Calendar offers practical business advice on subjects such as art marketing, art law, portfolio development, exhibition presentation, communication skills and sales techniques, as well as advanced technical applications of photography, computer and Web tools. It also offers the most extensive and recent listings of Calls to Artists, including galleries reviewing portfolios, juried competitions, grants, fellowships, festivals, publishing opportunities and residencies.Best described as “The ArtistÂ’s Guide to Making It,” Art Calendar is the only subscription-driven, business-oriented magazine published specifically for visual artists. Art Calendar enables professional artists to make a living doing what they love. Offering innovative ideas, along with all of the necessary tools to sell their work and further their careers, Art Calendar has established itself as the ultimate resource for visual artists. Price: $37.00  

Art in America Art in America magazine is dedicated to artists, dealers, educators, students and other art entusiasts looking for comprehensive reporting and commentary on major events and achievements in the art world. From painting and sculpture to photography and prints, every issue of Art in America contains show reviews, event schedules, profiles of artists and genres, and updates on literature and materials. Price: $24.95  

art ltd. art ltd. is the leading magazine devoted exclusively to the West Coast art market. Editorial is geared towards the educated and motivated art buyer, collector, gallery owner, artist, museum curator and active participant in the West Coast art scene. art ltd. speaks directly to a core audience of art enthusiasts. Price: $23.95  

ARTnews ARTnews a lifestyle magazine reporting on the art, personalities, issues, trends and events shaping the international art world. Price: $24.95  

Arts & Activities Arts & Activities stands alone as a favorite among art educators worldwide. With lesson plans and projects ideal for all grade levels and abilities, you'll find each issue to be an invaluable source of creativity and inspiration throughout the school year. Price: $24.95  

Dance Spirit Dance Spirit magazine is the bible for young dancers and their teachers, focusing on dance technoffers fun practical tips, excellent advice on performance and techniques for the new generation of dancers. Price: $16.95  

Dance Teacher Dance Teacher is the only magazine devoted to dance teachers, studio owners and higher ed instructors. Every issue is filled with teaching techniques and new ideas for growing your business. Price: $24.95  

Gallery Guide Gallery Guide is your source for sophisticated insider information from around the art world. Price: $20.00  

I.D. magazine of international design I.D. magazine of international design Looks at products, environments & graphics being created by the world's foremost designers. Price: $40.00  

Inked Inked magazine covers pop culture and music for people that enjoy Tattoo art or have Tattoo designs on their bodies. Each issue has interviews with popular celebrities and the tattoo artists who decorate their bodies. There are tons of photos to inspire your next work of body art. Price: $29.95  

Modern Painters Modern Painters is the definitive international source for analysis of contemporary artand culture—from painting and sculpture to photography, film, architecture, design, andperformance. Price: $50.00  

NVISION NVISION Magazine is a brand new, cutting edge magazine dedicated to all forms of visual entertainment and the hardware that brings it to life. NVISION Magazine covers the entire spectrum of visual entertainment in each stunningly designed issue, from the hottest games and effects-driven movies to how visual technology is redefining entertainment, culture and art. Price: $19.97  

Pageantry Showcases the scholarship & career opportunities within the beauty, modeling & talent industries Price: $18.00  

Pageantry (2 year) Showcases the scholarship & career opportunities within the beauty, modeling & talent industries Price: $30.00  

Painting Painting is America's favorite painting magazine! Every issue of Painting brings you inspiring new painting ideas and the most expert advice and instruction about basic shapes, mixing colors, value changes and highlighting, brush strokes, and a whole lot more! Plus, Painting includes full-size, easy-to-follow projects, clear, step-by-step instructions, and full-color photographs. Painting covers acrylics, oils, watercolors, and stencils, as well as painting on wood, fabric, ceramic, metal, stone, canvas and glass. Whether you're a long-time painter, someone who's been meaning to get back into painting, or even someone who wants to try painting for the first time, Painting makes it more fun and relaxing than ever before. Express yourself with Painting! Price: $26.97  

Paper Magazine of culture formation among the seriously hip, the periscope of pop culture, ahead on style trends. Price: $12.97  

Pointe Step towards excellence! Pointe is the exclusive magazine for ballet dancers.It offers its readers expert advice on techniques, performing, and auditioning. Price: $16.95  

Print Print is America's graphic design magazine. Price: $45.00  

Skin & Ink SKIN & INK -- The Premier tattoo magazine covering today's tattoo fanciers. We present the fine art side of the tattoo industry complete with full-color photographs and inspiring stories. Coverage also include profiles on tattoo shops, convention reports and known celebrities. An exciting magazine for the tattoo devotee. Price: $34.99  

St. Charles Avenue St. Charles Avenue is the magazine of the city's social activist and society scene. The pictorial publication covers non-profit fundraisers and society events. The monthly glossy magazine also has food and lifestyle features. Price: $17.95  

Suspense Suspense offers readers of horror, suspense, mystery and thriller novels a place to find short stories from new authors and features on best-selling authors that include bios, interviews and reviews. The magazine also highlights graphic novels, artists, top new releases and much more. Price: $36.00  

The Pastel Journal The Pastel Journal is the only fine art magazine devoted solely to the pastel medium, features inspiring art and articles about today's best pastel artists. Chock full of gorgeous artwork, tips, insight and creative inspiration from the best in the field, your pastel artist will love each and every issue! Price: $29.00  

Tokion Tokion views pop-culture thru a global lens. To its readership of young, in the know tastemakers, it offers a new, exciting perspective on great talent in music, art, film & fashion. With exclusive access to the creative community, Tokion is widely recognized as the first to discover new talent. Price: $25.00  

Watercolor Artist For artists working in watermedia, Watercolor Artist is the definitive source for creative inspiration and technical information. Surprise your artist with the thoughtful gift that lasts all year long. Price: $19.96  








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