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Cesar's Way Throughout each issue of Cesar's Way, Cesar Millan empowers his audience by teaching them to unleash their instinctive side to connect with their dog's intuitive nature. Cesar's Way provides guidance to live life with a simplicity and balance for better focus, confidence and comfort as dog owners and humans.†Price: $14.99  

Coral CORAL is full of lavishly illustrated features on wild reefs, new aquarium technologies, great reef profiles, interviews with the most interesting people in the coral reef world, and the very best sources of new and superior gear. CORAL delivers the new and rare: coverage of the corals, fishes, invertebrates, and latest reef technology are found in every issue.†Price: $37.00  

Equine Wellness Equine Wellness -- A respected and sought-after resource, Equine Wellness appeals to horse enthusiasts in all disciplines. Empower yourself with leading edge information on integrative health, natural diet, supplements, natural horsemanship, complimentary therapies, barefoot hoofcare and so much more. Subscribe today!†Price: $15.00  

Feline Wellness Feline Wellness ¬óCats are cooler than ever and Feline Wellness helps you keep them healthy and happy! Inside this publication you will find all of the latest integrative health and lifestyle information for your feline friend as well as the trendiest and most innovative products available. Subscribe today!†Price: $14.95  

Modern Dog The best dog articles. The hottest dog trends. The coolest dog magazine. Devoted dog lovers rejoice! Modern Dog is a dog lover's dream come true. Insightful and amusing articles and award winning photography make Modern Dog as faithful a companion as your best friend. Featuring dog-lore, the best dog accessories, exclusive celebrity interviews, dog-centric art, must-have new dog products, dog-friendly travel destinations, stars and their pampered pups, top trainers, dog psychology, puppy problem solving, home entertaining how-to, breed profiles, haute couture doggie fashion features, the latest and greatest of everything "dog", and more!†Price: $15.00  








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