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African Voices African Voices magazine is the preeminent journal of the arts for people of color. With short stories and poetry, book and music reviews, and historical profiles and features on contemporary artists and musicians, this rich cultural heritage is explored in depth in four quarterly issues each year, through the masterworks of artists from Gordon Parks to Zora Neale Hurston.Price: $20.00  

American Legacy It's fascinating articles and unique historical perspective provide a clear and genuine look into the heart of American black heritage.Price: $9.95  

Black Men BLACK MEN -- Lifestyle publication for the African-American men aged 25 to 49. Eclectic mixture of sex and relationship articles, sports news, profiles, business& finance, grooming, community news and trivia. Celebrity and non-celebrity women featured.Price: $29.00  

Diverse Issues in Higher Education Diverse Issues in Higher Education began as a tiny newsletter written and produced in the basement of its founder. Nearly twenty years later, Diverse Issues in Higher Education is a robust, glossy magazine with beautiful photographs and top-notch writing.Diverse Issues in Higher Education analyzes and explains the news of vital importance to minority communities, be they African American, Asian American, Hispanic American, Native American, Americans with disabilities, or American women.Price: $26.00  

Ebony Ebony is the magazine for sophisticated African-American men and women. Each issue explores topics ranging from education and history to entertainment, art, health, sports, and social events.Price: $19.97  

Family Digest Family Digest magazine is written for Black women juggling marriage, family, work, and dreams. Every issue of Family Digest contains a wealth of ideas and information about love and marriage, family and parenting, health and wellness, beauty and fashion, cooking, travel, and much more! Family Digest is dedicated to smarter, healthier and happier Black families and includes advice on building a strong family and successful kids despite cultural challenges.Price: $10.00  

Floss New fashion/entertainment mag for hip-hop generation.Price: $11.99  

G.R.A.Y. God’s Reach at Young (People) aka G.R.A.Y. Magazine is now available! The only Christian magazine which focuses on young people, their issues, and concerns – the things that they care about is here and jam packed with 24 pages of articles, interviews, features, music news, a church directory and so much more.Price: $16.00  

Hype Hair HYPE HAIR -- The most creative, up-to-date hairstyles, makeup tips, fashions & exclusive celebrity style tips! Offers readers dozens of ways to showcase theirpersonal style!Price: $27.00  

Jet Jet focuses on news and features that fuse Black history and contemporary living. Every issue covers issues from education to entertainment and from sports to religion for African-Americans living in today's society.Price: $30.00  

Today's Blackwoman TODAY'S BLACK WOMAN -- Provocative lifestyle magazine aimed at the African-American women aged 18 to 49. Core focus on love, sex, and relationship issues. Info on careers, money, health issue, fashion, style and celebrity profiles.Price: $18.00  

Upscale Upscale magazine is the foremost publication dedicated to exploring the needs and interests of African-American women. Focused on more than just fashion, Upscale includes news features and analysis, entertainment, finances, and, of course, beauty, nutrition, fitness, sex, fashion, travel, style, books and movies -- a complete lifestyle magazine that covers all the angles of real women's lives.Price: $14.95  










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