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10 Minute Trainer by Beachbody

Retail Price: 79.90

The 10 Minute Trainer is a complete full-body workout in just 10 short minutes. Tony Horton's breakt...Read More

6 Second Abs

Retail Price: 49.95

6 second abs gives you a complete abdominal fitness workout. 6 Second ABS Tired of doing crunches on...Read More

8 Minute ABS and BUNS

Retail Price: 19.95

8 min Abs plus 8 min Buns equals the perfect workout. 8 minute abs and buns helps target those stubb...Read More

8 Minute Abs Arms Buns Legs

Retail Price: 19.95

8 Minute abs arms buns legs video have it all in this 2 pack dvd set. You get 4 Workouts 8 min minu...Read More

8 Minute Core Workouts New DVD

Retail Price: 19.95

8 Min Core Workouts the new DVD collection. You get 5 New Workouts. Burn those abs to the core; buns...Read More

AB Away Pro

Retail Price: 59.95

Tamilee has a solution for tighter abs with Ab Away Pro. Tamilee's AB Away Pro The AB Away Pro usesr...Read More

Ab Chair 2 ABC-2 ABC-2

Retail Price: 79.99

Revolutionary Ab Chair 2 works your abdominal muscles better than traditional crunches and sit-ups A...Read More

Ab Chair Deluxe

Retail Price: 89.00

Tighten and tone your abs with the revolutionary new Ab Chair Deluxe In just minutes a day you can ...Read More

Ab Chair Elite

Retail Price: 99.00

Want celebrity abs without the back pain? Give your abs the workout it needs sans the pain with Ab C...Read More

Ab Coaster

Retail Price: 414.75

Just a few minutes a day on the Ab Coaster is all you need to get a lean sexy waistline. The Ab Coas...Read More

Ab Doer Pro

Retail Price: 99.95

Ab Doer Pro helps burns fat as it flattens your stomach in just minutes. "AB Doer Pro" The fastest ...Read More

AB Doer Xtreme

Retail Price: 99.95

Xtreme workouts for an extreme midsection with Ab Doer Xtreme. The invention of the AB-Doer introduc...Read More

AB Dolly 2

Retail Price: 39.95

Ab Dolly 2 is a Quick and Easy Ab Exerciser using ab dolly two. AB DOLLY II *Receive a free AB Dolly...Read More

Ab Energizer

Retail Price: 28.95

Ab Energizer with water based gel at the Lowest price ever. The Ab Energizer works your abs through ...Read More

AB Exerciser

Retail Price: 69.99

Ab Exerciser helps tone your abs as you trim your waist with the ab exerciser.Features The AB Exerci...Read More

Ab Flex 2

Retail Price: 28.95

Ab Flex 2 and Ab Flex II gets your abs in shape without situps with the ab flex 2.The Ab Flex II has...Read More

AB Force

Retail Price: 14.95

Ab force is an inexpensive simple effective ab exerciser. U.S. "AB FORCE" An inexpensive upper and...Read More

AB King Pro

Retail Price: 149.99

The Ab King Pro is perfect for every fitness level; it has levels for the beginner to the most advan...Read More

Ab Lounge Sport

Retail Price: 79.94

AB Lounge Sport uses the jacknife motion to provide more muscle activity in the upper and lower abdo...Read More

Ab Master Pro

Retail Price: 129.99

The ultimate ab master pro workout for your abs!The further you can stretch and extend your abs the...Read More

AB Maximizer

Retail Price: 39.95

Ab Maximizer helps maximize your workout minimize the discomfort for your abs. Easier on the back......Read More

Ab Mouse

Retail Price: 29.95

Ab mouse the original with no wheels - ab mouse Are you battling a belly that's bursting your butto...Read More

Ab Mouse 2

Retail Price: 29.95

Ab Mouse gets your abs in shape with the abdominal machine that moves like a mouse. ABMouse It keeps...Read More

Ab Revolutionizer

Retail Price: 59.95

Ab Revolutionizer gives a more effective ab workout for those flat toned abs and a fitness workout....Read More

Ab Rocker II

Retail Price: 69.95

Even if you canít do a single sit-up you CAN do the Ab Rocker.The Ab Rocker gives you 4 workouts in...Read More

Ab Rocker Replacement Band

Retail Price: 5.99

ab rocker replacement band An extra resistance band to go with your Body by Jake Ab Rocker....Read More

Ab Rocket

Retail Price: 99.99

In just 5 minutes a day the Ab Rocket will rocket your abs from flab to fab! The Ab Rocket is a rev...Read More

Ab Roller

Retail Price: 39.95

The sit-up is one of the most revered workouts as far as exercise routines go and for good reason:...Read More

AB Roller Plus

Retail Price: 49.95

Ab Roller Plus for a complete abdominal workout.AB ROLLER PLUS Same great workout with a new lighte...Read More

Ab Roller Portable

Retail Price: 29.95

For A Complete No-Nonsense Workout... Same great workout with a new lighter frame!! Includes: Owne...Read More

Ab Roller Pro

Retail Price: 59.95

Ab Roller Pro they have them at the gym to target your muscles now you can have them at home as wel...Read More

Ab Roller with Pro Assist

Retail Price: 39.95

Ab Roller with Pro Assist will make your ab fitness exercises fun and easy. The Ab Roller with Pro A...Read More

Ab Sculptor

Retail Price: 29.99

Ab Sculptor work your abs with the Ab Sculptor. The AB SCULPTOR helps you go past your normal number...Read More

AB Shaper

Retail Price: 89.00

Ab Shaper not only does the abdominal exercise it also works the legs with the bicycle attachment. ...Read More

AB Slide Roller Slider

Retail Price: 19.99

This product is on back order. If you'd like to wait click "Buy now". An equivalent product is avai...Read More

Ab Slim Pro

Retail Price: 129.99

AB SLIM PRO Give your abs the ultimate workout! In order to get the complete ab crunching workout y...Read More

Ab Sonic

Retail Price: 19.99

The Smart Electronic Massage Fitness Belt Ab Sonic stimulates the nerves that make your muscles cont...Read More

Ab Swing

Retail Price: 39.95

Ab Swing your way to abdominal exercise focusing on the abs region. AB Swing Think traditional crunc...Read More

AB Toner

Retail Price: 9.95

Give tone to your abs with the help of the AB Toner. AB TONER Ab toner is one of the most lightweigh...Read More

Abtronic Complete Package

Retail Price: 29.99

Abtronic Complete Package now with the enhanced silicon silver carbon belt. The AbTronic now ships ...Read More

Abtronic Original

Retail Price: 29.99

Abtronic Original abdominal stimulator EMS system to help your abs. ABTronic Electronic Fitness Syst...Read More


Retail Price: 194.92

The AbZone is a complete fitness system which targets the upper and lower abs and zones in on the ha...Read More

Air Climber Airclimber System

Retail Price: 119.85

Walk on air to a slimmer sexier you without the normal impact that walking has on your joints.... T...Read More


Retail Price: 79.99

Airgo powered pogo stick that paves the way to the future. RAZOR The stick for the 21st century!!! U...Read More

Anti-Burst Gym Exercise Ball 55cm Small & Workout Chart

Retail Price: 19.99

Incorporate the versatility and effectiveness of the Professional Anti-Burst Fitness Ball into your ...Read More

Anti-Burst Gym Exercise Ball 65cm Medium & Workout Chart

Retail Price: 24.99

Incorporate the versatility and effectiveness of the Professional Anti-Burst Fitness Ball into your ...Read More

Anti-Burst Gym Exercise Ball 75cm Large & Workout Chart

Retail Price: 29.99

Incorporate the versatility and effectiveness of the Professional Anti-Burst Fitness Ball into your ...Read More

Bender Ball Exercise Ball Workout

Retail Price: 9.99

The Bender Ball Exercise Ball gives you a workout that's up to 408% more effective than ordinary cru...Read More

Billy Blanks Boot Camp Elite

Retail Price: 39.95

Billy is on a mission to get you in shape and Billy's Boot Camp Elite is a complete system that wil...Read More

Billy Blanks Boot Camp on DVD

Retail Price: 37.95

Billy Blanks Boot Camp video and dvd helps you blast into shape using Tae Bo. Billy Blanks the fitne...Read More

Billy Blanks Boot Camp on VHS

Retail Price: 37.95

Billy will motivate you to Blast into Shape in 7 Days and completely transform your body and your mi...Read More

BioSlim Refills

Retail Price: 49.95

Refills for BIOSLIM!...Read More

BioSlim Starter Kit

Retail Price: 79.95

The Ultimate NATURAL Weight Loss Breakthrough Is Finally Here!KIT INCLUDES: 1 video 1 explanatory bo...Read More

Blast Off the Pounds

Retail Price: 39.95

Blast into a new you!!! Product Includes: Disco Blast Off Video Mega Mix Blast off Video Latin Blast...Read More

Body Bow

Retail Price: 59.95

Body Bow is a fun lightweight and versatile exercise machine fitness machine. "Body Bow" A great wor...Read More

Body Burner

Retail Price: 59.99

The Body Burner is the answer to keep everybody fit for life. Body Burner Get the beautiful body you...Read More

Body Dome

Retail Price: 119.99

Body Dome is an intriguing fun way to get in shape. To make you payment in full click ORDER NOW or...Read More

Body Flex Greer Childers

Retail Price: 29.99

Body Flex is shared by Greer Childers to the secret of her amazing inch loss program. For over 20 ye...Read More

Body Flex Plus DVD by Greer Childers

Retail Price: 42.97

Loose weight easily with the Body Flex Plus by Greer Childers Body Flex Plus - DVD Greer Childers de...Read More

Body Flex Plus VHS by Greer Childers

Retail Price: 39.98

Loose weight easily with the Body Flex Plus by Greer Childers Body Flex Plus - VHS Greer Childers de...Read More

Bowflex Tread Climber TC5000 Monthly Payments

Retail Price: 24.00

The Price above reflects monthly payments. Please visit Bowflex for price quotes and finance terms. ...Read More

Bun & Thigh Rocker

Retail Price: 159.95

Body by Jake does it again with the new Bun and Thigh Rocker Bun and Thigh Rocker body by Jake The k...Read More

Bun and Thigh Isolator

Retail Price: 49.95

Bun & Thigh Isolator works out buns and thighs simultaneously for optimum results! Bun & Thigh Isola...Read More

Bun and Thigh Max

Retail Price: 59.95

Bun & Thigh Max works your legs with this compact and mobile machine. The Bun and Thigh MAX is a rem...Read More

Bun and Thigh Roller

Retail Price: 59.95

Bun and Thigh Roller uses the revolutionary arc motion to your effectively exercise your legs.Revolu...Read More

Bun and Thigh Roller Power Bands

Retail Price: 19.95

Increase your strength training by 50% with the Bun and Thigh Roller Power Bands Bun & Thigh Roller ...Read More

Bun and Thigh Sculptor

Retail Price: 49.95

Bun & Thigh Sculptor - Your Personal GymDiscover personal secrets to sculpting hips thighs and buns...Read More

CableFlex by Jackie Chan

Retail Price: 119.85

Who better than to teach strength and flexibility than Jackie Chan? Experience the CABLEFLEX Endorse...Read More

Carb Fighter 2 For 1

Retail Price: 22.95

Buy One Get One Free!!! Reduce the Carbohydrates from your diet! Carb Fighter BONUS! Buy one get one...Read More

Core Rhythms Club Mix

Retail Price: 39.95

Move your hips to lose weight! Introducing the sensational Core Rhythms Club Mix Collection 4 DVD Se...Read More

Core Rhythms Dance Exercise Program Starter Pack

Retail Price: 39.95

Core Rythms is based on the fact that the best bodies in the world are the bodies of Latin dancers. ...Read More

Core Sculptor

Retail Price: 59.95

The home fitness breakthrough that sculpts your body from the inside out. CORE SCULPTORGet Slim From...Read More


Retail Price: 33.95

Cortislim helps you lose stress induced weight gain with Corti Slim diet that helps break up the fat...Read More

Cross Crunch

Retail Price: 29.99

One easy diagonal motion targets your entire abs with Cross Crunch The Cross Crunch abdominal exerci...Read More

Cyclone Diet

Retail Price: 19.95

A natural drink for your body! This product has been discontinued 48 Hour Cyclone Diet TheCyclone Di...Read More

Darrins Dance Grooves on DVD

Retail Price: 19.99

Darrins Dance Grooves on DVD now you can learn the moves and dance of Darrin Henson the choreograph...Read More

Darrins Dance Grooves on VHS

Retail Price: 19.99

Darrins Dance Groove on VHS now you can learn the moves and dances of Darrin Henson the choreograph...Read More

Dr. HOs Muscle Therapy

Retail Price: 75.95

Enjoy an amazing massage whenever and wherever you want!! DR. HO's Muscle Massager Created by Dr. Mi...Read More

Electrosage 8

Retail Price: 19.95

Electrosage 9 the quick comfortable massager and toner all in one. Igia Electrosage 8 The revolution...Read More

EZ Chin Up Bar

Retail Price: 29.99

Looking for a quick workout while you are at the office that does not require much time or space? In...Read More

EZ Krunch Replacement Bands Set of 5

Retail Price: 9.99

You don't have to buy a new EZ Crunch....if the bands are worn out now you can easily replace them....Read More

Fast Abs

Retail Price: 19.95

Special for Christmas only! Take advantage of AsOnTv.com's very own water based gel!! Now with the t...Read More

Fitness Made Simple DVD

Retail Price: 19.99

Fitness made simple by John Basedow FITNESS MADE SIMPLEReshape your body by doing specifically targe...Read More

Fitness Made Simple on VHS

Retail Price: 19.95

Fitness made simple is improving the bodies and lives of men and woman everywhere. FITNESS MADE SIMP...Read More

Fitness Quest Zumba 2 Pack VHS with Dyna Band

Retail Price: 39.99

Zumba Fitness Videos with Beto It's Not A Workout It's A Party! Fitness Quest Zumba 2 Pack VHS with...Read More

Formula 9

Retail Price: 29.99

Formula 9 is the hardcore diet pill. FORMULA 9Extreme metabolic booster Product Description: Formula...Read More


Retail Price: 199.99

Gazelle Freestyle 5 Exercise Machines in one allowing you to be 5 Times more effective!! Experience...Read More

Gliding Sliding Disc DVD

Retail Price: 19.99

Gliding Sliding Disc is a revolution in exercise that allows you to do smooth graceful movements th...Read More

GolfLogix GPS System by Garmin

Retail Price: 299.95

Enjoy the advantage of GPS mapping on the golf course with Garmin's GolfLogix GPS System handheld un...Read More

Hollywood 48 Hour Diet Berry Flavor

Retail Price: 23.95

Now lose 10 lbs even more enjoyably with all new Wild Berry flavor!!Hollywood Diet With the advent o...Read More

Hollywood Cookie Diet

Retail Price: 59.95

The world's most delicious way to take off and keep off those unwanted pounds the Hollywood Cookie ...Read More

Inversion Table

Retail Price: 169.99

Thousands of people who have inverted regularly have experienced temporary relief from back pain. In...Read More


Retail Price: 59.90

The kettlenetics Slim & Tone program is a revolutionary new three dimensional weight swinging workou...Read More

Lateral Thigh Trainer

Retail Price: 79.95

Two Potent Workouts in One Exercise Machine! The Lateral Thigh for fitness Trainer not only moves up...Read More

Lateral Twist Stepper

Retail Price: 79.95

Lateral Twist Stepper is a fun exercise equipment. Used correctly you can create a fun and effective...Read More

Leg Magic

Retail Price: 129.99

Because of the growing number of health risks that stem from lack of exercise itís important ...Read More

Leg Wonder

Retail Price: 119.99

With the increasing number of exercise machines nowadays itís a wonder that people even get t...Read More


Retail Price: 29.95

Leptopril Weight Control Leptopril Leptopril is the first weight-control compound designed to mitiga...Read More

Malibu Pilates Risk Free Trial Offer!

Retail Price: 14.95

The Revolutionary Pilates Chair Carroll Krieff took Josef Pilates' vision into the next generation w...Read More

Melt it Off G Ball Fitness Program

Retail Price: 14.99

With Mitch's 3 Day Melt It Off G Ball Kick Start Program you can start on Wednesday and be a size s...Read More


Retail Price: 24.95

Metabolize And Save. Designed to Promote Energy & Supplement Your DietContains 90 Caplets The Ingred...Read More

Mini Stepper

Retail Price: 59.95

Strengthen your leg and thigh muscles with the mini stepper. MINI STEPPER This mini-stepper is ideal...Read More

Momentus Power Hitter Driver Golf Swing Trainer

Retail Price: 159.95

Momentus Power Hitter Driver Golf Swing Trainer's revolutionary Hittable Weighted Practice Driver co...Read More

More Natural Cures Revealed

Retail Price: 25.95

Previously Censored Brand Name Products that Cure DiseaseThe United States Federal Trade Commission ...Read More

Natural Cures

Retail Price: 22.95

Natural Cures They Don't Want You To Know About. NATURAL CURES Kevin Trudeau is a writer of books on...Read More


Retail Price: 189.95

OrbiTrek - The Total Body Workout This product will ship in 2-3 weeks OrbiTrek - Dual direction elli...Read More

Peel Away The Pounds

Retail Price: 59.98

Peel Away The Pounds making it easier with a small patch that will help control cravings and weight ...Read More

Perfect Martial Arts Workout

Retail Price: 19.95

Perfect Martial Arts Workout is a series of exercieses that have their lienage from the martial syst...Read More

Perfect Portions

Retail Price: 17.99

Perfect Portions if it fits in the plate you'll lose the weight with portions on the plate thats per...Read More

Perfect Pushup

Retail Price: 39.95

The Perfect Pushup was developed by a U.S. Navy SEAL using the latest advances in biomechanics and e...Read More

Power 90

Retail Price: 59.99

Power 90 focus on training your body with good exercise. THIS PRODUCT IS EXCLUDED FROM THE SPECIAL P...Read More

Power 90X

Retail Price: 59.85

Get ripped in 90 days with the new Power 90X POWER 90X Get absolutely ripped in just 90 days with Po...Read More

Power Tek XL

Retail Price: 19.95

Power Tek XL get your ABS in shape with power tek xl.Get a strong toned body with the spring-resist...Read More

Pushup Pro

Retail Price: 19.94

Put a new twist on push ups with the Pushup Pro. Push Up Pro's rotating grips allow arms and shoulde...Read More

Red Exerciser - Free Shipping

Retail Price: 174.75

Red Exerciser with Free Shipping. RED EXERCISER The Ultimate Core Strengthening & Toning System For ...Read More


Retail Price: 39.99

Increase your serotonin levels to decrease your junk food cravings!!ReducitBeing Overweight Is Not Y...Read More

Rehab Your Body At Home

Retail Price: 29.95

Rehab your body at home with 7 hours of rehabilitative workouts Rehab Your Body At Home7 hours of re...Read More


Retail Price: 29.95

Relacore helps you lose those stubborn excess body fat to help you decrease weight. Relacore The Mos...Read More


Retail Price: 29.99

Retiva the little pink pill that lasts all day. Q: How do I take Retiva? A: For a significant and su...Read More

Rife Putters Two Bar Hybrid Mallet

Retail Price: 199.80

Rife Putters is now introducing the worlds first hybrid putter the Rife Putters Two Bar Hybrid Mal...Read More

Shapely Secrets Weight Loss Fitness Program

Retail Price: 42.97

Shapely Secrets is a 7 minute a day program using Greer's evolutionary Diametric Resistance techniqu...Read More

Slendertone Flex Abs Men Toning System Belt

Retail Price: 149.95

Work out your abs effectively and conveniently with the simple Slendertone Flex Abs Toning System Be...Read More

Slendertone Flex Abs Women Toning System Belt

Retail Price: 149.95

Work out your abs effectively and conveniently with the simple Slendertone Flex Abs Toning System Be...Read More

Smart Abs

Retail Price: 39.95

Smart Abs strengthens the upper and lower abs with smart abs. The Smart Abs 20 Min VHS Training Vide...Read More

Super Zolex Hammer Driver -- Add 50 Yards To Your Tee Shot

Retail Price: 99.95

The Super Zolex Hammer Driver is so effective that it adds 50 yards to your tee shot and turns a tee...Read More


Retail Price: 31.95

TAE BO burn 800 calories per hour with Billy Blanks 2 tape video will get you energized Coupon insi...Read More

Tae Bo Contact Complete

Retail Price: 29.95

Tae Bo Contact Complete from Billy Blanks Bag gives ultimate total body workout. TAE BO Contact Comp...Read More

Tae Bo Live

Retail Price: 49.95

Tae Bo live the new video gauranteed to inspire a happier healthier you Tae Bo Live The newevolutio...Read More

TaeBo Amped

Retail Price: 39.95

Get results in 7 days with all new Billy Blanks Taebo Amped. Billy Blanks takes Tae Bo to a whole ne...Read More

Teeter Hang Ups

Retail Price: 199.95

About Hang Ups by Roger Teeter...Thousands of people who have inverted regularly have experienced te...Read More

The Bean Deluxe - heavy duty for any weight.

Retail Price: 59.95

The Bean Deluxe is an all-in-one workout tool that offers the benefits of a stability ball incline ...Read More

The Dynametrics Method

Retail Price: 24.95

Sculpt and tone your entire body with the dynametrics method. The Dynametrics MethodSculpt and tone ...Read More

The Firm DVD

Retail Price: 49.95

The Firm - DVD great workout gauranteed to get you in shape with the firm dvd. The FIRM Body Sculp...Read More

The Firm VHS

Retail Price: 22.95

The firm with sculpting complete workout for you. The FIRM Body Sculpting System is a complete worko...Read More

The Firm with Fanny Lifter VHS

Retail Price: 54.95

The Firm with Fanny Lifter heve the perfect workout with the firm with fanny lifter-VHS The FIRM Bo...Read More

The Firm with Sculpting Stick VHS

Retail Price: 59.95

The firm with sculpting complete workout for you. The FIRM Body Sculpting System is a complete worko...Read More

The Weight Loss Cure

Retail Price: 29.95

"The Sensational New Book From #1 New York Times Best Selling Author - Kevin Trudeau"Kevin Trudeau l...Read More

Thightek XL

Retail Price: 19.95

Thightek XL the easy way to form the muscle you want with Thightek XL ThighTek XL Now it can be eas...Read More

Thyrin ATC

Retail Price: 39.99

Thyrin - ATC is a comprehensive weight-control compound with the thyroid-specific nutritional suppor...Read More

Toning Gel PL-SUN-C103 PL-SUN-C103 PL-SUN-C103

Retail Price: 6.95

Toning Gel eliminate the hassle and save money for you AsOnTv.com Toning Gel Let us eliminate the h...Read More

Torso Tiger

Retail Price: 49.95

Torso Tiger A Lean Mean Abdominal and Upper Body WorkoutIn Just Five Minutes Torso Tiger A Lean Me...Read More

Torso Track II

Retail Price: 79.95

"This is the best ab machine I've ever used." - Suzanne Somers TorsoTrack 2 TheUltimate Abdominal Ex...Read More

Total Body Trainer

Retail Price: 199.80

Total Body Trainer the newest full body system form BODY BY JAKE STRENGTHENS... SCULPTS... SHAPE...Read More

Total Gym 1700 Fitness Quest Club

Retail Price: 399.99

Total Gym 1700 the workout machine that uses your own body weight for resistance.The Total Gym(r) 17...Read More

Total Tiger

Retail Price: 119.97

Total Tiger... Total Workout .....Total Satisfaction with Total Tiger Total Tiger Totally Complete A...Read More

Traveling Trainer

Retail Price: 59.95

Traveling Trainer Michael Sena's TRAVELING TRAINER Anywhere...Anytime with traveling trainer Do you...Read More

TrimFizz Weight Loss Sytem

Retail Price: 39.95

TrimFizz Weight Loss System contains ulta-high potency Super CitriMax the #1 selling natural diet i...Read More


Retail Price: 28.00

TrimSpa is the amazingly effective ephedra free diet pill to lose weight fast. TrimSpa ģ The amazing...Read More

TrimSpa Carb Blocker

Retail Price: 23.00

TrimSpa Carb Blocker blocks carbs from being stored as fat. Eat carbs without worry with the TrimSpa...Read More

TrimSpa Fat Blocker

Retail Price: 29.95

Trimspa fat blocker allows you to eat the foods you crave without worry. TrimSpa ģ Fat Blocker Have ...Read More

Turbo Jam Beachbody Fitness Workout Program

Retail Price: 59.85

Turbo Jam's Chalene Johnson packs each workout with calorie-blasting kickboxing body sculpting and...Read More

Ultimate Lean Routine

Retail Price: 49.95

Ultimate Lean Routine get slim and sexy with Greg Isaacs Trainer to the Stars with ultimate lean rou...Read More

Urban Rebounding System

Retail Price: 79.95

Urban Rebounding system bounces your way to extreme fitness. Urban Rebounding Now you can do Urban R...Read More

Velform Sauna Belt

Retail Price: 19.95

Sauna Belt can help you to sweat away unwanted fat eliminate cellulite and lose weight. Sauna Belt...Read More

Walk Away The Pounds Abs

Retail Price: 34.95

Walk Away The Lbs- Abs walk your way to a healthy Leslie Sansone Walk away the Pounds for abs... Fit...Read More

Walk Away The Pounds Abs DVD

Retail Price: 49.95

Walk Away The Pounds- Abs DVD walk your way to a healthier you. Leslie Sansone Walk away the Pounds ...Read More

Walk Away the Pounds Original

Retail Price: 39.95

Walk Away the Pounds- Original walk your way to a happy healthy body Walk Away the Pounds Lose the ...Read More

Winsor Pilates Fat Burning Introductory System DVD

Retail Price: 39.90

Windsor Pilates Fat Burning Introductory System on DVD gives the feel great way to work out without ...Read More

Yoga Booty Ballet

Retail Price: 39.99

Dance Slim And Tone with Yoga Booty Ballet Yoga Booty Ballet Dance Slim and Tone with Hollywood's ...Read More

You Can Do Pilates DVD

Retail Price: 19.95

You Can Do Pilates with Leslie Sansone is the perfect quick easy and fun start to doing pilates at...Read More

Youth Cocktail

Retail Price: 79.80

Youth Cocktail can change the way you feel with this revolutionary program with youth cocktail. The ...Read More

Zone Pilates

Retail Price: 29.94

Zone Pilates is a workout system that is specifically designed to target the three zones of your bod...Read More

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